How To Upgrade Weapons In Weird West

How To Upgrade Weapons In Weird West
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7th Apr 2022 17:00

You may want to know how to upgrade weapons in Weird West as throughout the game it's not entirely clear how the mechanic works. Weird West is an immersive sim with many role-playing mechanics, letting you develop your character and some gear through the experience. Upgrades will be the key to carving through enemies with your guns, so here's a breakdown of how to upgrade weapons in Weird West.

  • Once you have hold of your upgraded weapons, check out the best Weird West abilities to see which ones are worth picking up. 

How To Upgrade Weapons In Weird West

How To Upgrade Weapons In Weird West
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The guns and melee arms in Weird West have rarity tiers that relate to their overall quality, concerning damage, range, rate of fire, and more. The tiers from lowest to highest are normal, blue, green, purple, and orange, but you can only upgrade weapons to the blue, green, and purple tiers. Normal weapons can be found anywhere and upgraded, but the orange tier weapons can only be found in certain locations or purchased from vendors. 

To upgrade your weapons you will need to find nuggets of copper, silver, and gold, which can be gained from a variety of locations. Mines are typically full of ore that you can grab with a pickaxe, blacksmiths will sell nuggets directly to you, and many enemies or lootable objects will have them too. You can also melt down ingots to gain some nuggets, and though these appear far less often in the game, you can get a golden one during the Weird West Secret Stash quest. 


If you head to a blacksmith and interact with their forge once you have your nuggets, you'll be able to upgrade your weapons. Getting to the green tier will require two copper nuggets, the blue tier needs seven silver nuggets, and the purple tier can be reached with ten gold nuggets. Towns with blacksmiths will have a forge logo when you hover over them on the world map, so lookout for these locations when you have the resources to climb a tier.

That's all for our guide on how to upgrade weapons in Weird West, and now you'll be able to use your precious metal ingots to gain tiers.

Early in your playthrough you may end up finding the Weird West Heathen's Box, and carrying it to the end of the game will reward you with an achievement. 


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