Weird West Secret Stash: How To Finish The Dying Stillwater Quest

Weird West Secret Stash: How To Finish The Dying Stillwater Quest
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4th Apr 2022 16:28

The Weird West Secret Stash is a location that will appear on your map after starting an opitional quest called The Dying Stillwater, which can lead to some really useful loot. During your time in Weird West, you'll come across a number of locations which house hidden treasures for you to seek out, usually requiring treasure maps from corpses, though not always. The Weird West Secret Stash from The Dying Stillwater is one that doesn't need you to locate a map, but if you're looking to track it down, we've got you covered.

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Weird West Secret Stash: Starting The Quest

Weird West Secret Stash Dying Stillwater
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During the main story of the first episode where you play the bounty hunter, you'll quickly come to a location called Greenwood Run, where you're looking for information on your husband. You'll need to find a way inside the cave below this little outpost, which can be accessed from a trap door in the main house, or by using a rope on the well to climb down. 

Once down there, you should see a man called Dean Stillwater lying on a bed and dying from his injuries. If you speak to him the quest will begin, and he will ask you to grab him some bandages in exchange for the location of treasure. You'll likely have a bandage by this point, but you can also find one near the trap door ladder. Giving it to him will turn him into a friend for life and he will also mark the secret stash on your map.

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Weird West Secret Stash: Digging Up The Stash

Weird West Secret Stash grave digging
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The next time you look at your map, the secret stash will have been marked with a question mark, and it will feature the blue outline of a side quest. You don't have to make your way there immediately, and it can take a long while to walk to, so we suggest waiting until you have access to a horse. 

Once you get there, you should come across an area enclosed by rocks that house some enemies. Our run had a few coyotes and some bandits to deal with, though you can sneak around them if you are attempting a non-lethal playthrough. Otherwise, we suggest just killing them all. 

For the next step, you'll have to explore the two graveyards and find the grave of whomever you've been sent to dig up (for us, it was Willie White). If you don't already have a shovel, then you can just loot one from one of the dead bandits. After digging up the correct grave, you'll complete the quest and should be able to loot a gold bar and a Golden Ace of Spades which is used to gain perks. 

That's our breakdown of how to find the Weird West Secret Stash and get yourself some loot early into the game.

The Weird West Quickbend quest is one of the first times the reigns are taken off, and you're allowed to complete a section however you want.


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