Weird West Heathen's Box: How To Get The 'What's In The Box?' Achievement

Weird West Heathen's Box: How To Get The 'What's In The Box?' Achievement
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4th Apr 2022 15:06

The Weird West Heathen's Box is an item that you can gain from a random encounter during the first episode, which leads to a hidden quest that runs throughout the whole game. The mystical and magical side of Weird West leads to some unusual events, specifically with a recurring character called the Heathen. If you want to know what you should do with the Weird West Heathen's Box, and how to earn the 'what's in the box?' achievement, we've got you covered

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Weird West Heathen's Box: Getting The Box

Weird West Heathen's Box getting it
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Getting the Heathen's Box item happens during the first episode of the game, and you'll need to wait for an event called Witch at the Crossroads when you're exploring the map. These will happen throughout the game with different outcomes (something we'll get to later) but for now, you just need it to happen during the first episode that follows the bounty hunter. In our playthrough, we got this event shortly after the Weird West Mayor Weeks basement section.

When the pop-up happens, accept it and then load the instance, which will spawn you into a desert map with the Heathen located in the middle. Speak to her and during the short conversation, she will give you the Heathen's Box, before instructing you not to open it under any circumstance and wait for her to ask for it back later. If you decide to open it up, there is nothing inside, and you'll have ruined your shot at getting the achievement, so hold onto it.

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Weird West Heathen's Box: Returning The Box

Weird West Heathen's Box slapping contest
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The Weird West Heathen's Box will change hands between the five different characters at the start of each episode, so don't worry about revisiting the old characters to get it back. You'll need to wait until episode four with the Werewolf before you can progress, as sometime in this episode you should get another Witch at the Crossroads event, where the Heathen will challenge you to a slapping contest. 

As the Werewolf, you can't actually win this contest, but it's important to make sure it happens during this episode, so it will occur again later. Once you're in episode five and playing as the Oneirist, follow the main story until arriving at an area called Authority's Quarters, which is located in Somnolence. There will be an item here called the Amulet of the Open Palm, which is key to winning the slapping contest. 


Once you've found this, wander the map continuously until you come across the slapping contest event again, and if you're wearing the amulet, you should be able to win. This will let you grab a Weird West Nimp Relic from the nearby chest. 

During the same episode, you should get another Witch at the Crossroads event where she will ask for the box back, but only if you haven't opened it. Doing so will give you the 'what's in the box?' achievement and finally give you another open spot in your inventory. There is still some mystery surrounding this event, and it's not fully clear if you need to win the slapping contest first to get it to occur, but some players are reporting that it doesn't happen without it. 

That's our rundown of how to use the Weird West Heathen's Box item, and now you should be able to carry it throughout the game and earn the 'what's in the box?' achievement during the last episode. 

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