Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith: How To Get Access To The Grackle Blacksmith

Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith: How To Get Access To The Grackle Blacksmith
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The Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith quest is a side mission that comes early into the first episode of the game and gives you a chance to unlock a character who can upgrade your weapons. Weird West has many optional quests which let you meet new characters and change the state of the world across its five episodes, in turn giving you new rewards and bonuses. So, if you need a walkthrough of how to complete the Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith mission, we've got you covered. 

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Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith: Starting The Quest

Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith start
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As an optional quest, you'll have to look out for The Abducted Blacksmith mission in the town of Grackle, which you'll make your way to fairly early on. Look out for a blue symbol above a character's head to find side quests generally, but the character you're looking out for will be a lady somewhere near the edge of the town. She'll mention that her husband was taken when the Stillwaters came to town and ransacked it, asking for you to find him. 

Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith: Solving The Quest

Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith
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Once the quest is in your log, you'll have five days to try and find the blacksmith, which seems daunting, but following the main objective will naturally take you there. Carry on with the main story until you come across the Greenwater Run area, where there will be a little outpost with Stillwaters. 


The abducted blacksmith is located inside a cell in the middle of the camp, and when you get near to him, he will call out for you. You can let out with some lockpicks if you want, but make sure you kill or incapacitate the enemies at the front of the camp, as they will try to shoot him as he runs away. If you don't want to spend the lockpicks, then you'll have to find the key. 

This can be found in the cave area below the camp, which can be accessed from a trapdoor in the nearby building, or by using a rope on the well. Regardless of how you enter, make your way to the end of the cave area, killing or avoiding the enemies along the way. At the end of here, you will find the key, which can then be used to free the blacksmith. 

To finish the quest, head back to Grackle and talk to the blacksmith's wife, which will result in her giving you an upgraded pistol, unlocking the blacksmith, and earning a friend for life which means she can turn up randomly during combat to help you out. 

That's all for our guide to solving the Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith side quest, so now you know how to start the quest, and then complete it for the rewards.   

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