Weird West Crime And Punishment: What To Do With The Cursed Statuette?

Weird West Crime And Punishment: What To Do With The Cursed Statuette?
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The Weird West Crime and Punishment quest is a mysterious mission that sees you acquire an item called the Cursed Statuette, which can lead you toward an extremely powerful friend-for-life by making certain choices. Many of the Weird West quests are supernatural in nature and have elements of randomisation that makes them quite difficult to trigger and solve at times. So, if you need to know how to start and finish the Weird West Crime and Punishment quest, along with completing its objectives like finding Dreamer's Vervain, we've got you covered. 

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Weird West Crime And Punishment: Starting The Quest

Weird West Crime And Punishment cursed stauette
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You can do the Crime and Punishment quest during any of the game's episodes, but it's easier to start during the first one. To start it, you will need to find the Cursed Statuette, but this can spawn in a couple of locations due to the Weird West randomisation features. One of these is a mine named Grit Valley which is just past the Ridgeback Wilds, to the north-east of Greenwood Run. Another location where it can spawn is the Rich Rock Hill farmstead, just east of Grackle. There are possibly more locations, but we are unaware of them at this time.

Once you get to one of the areas, lookout for a small shrine and some text coming from above it. If you approach, the Cursed Statuette will begin to speak to you and ask for your help in freeing them from their curse. You can refuse, but the option to accept will still be there. Accepting will begin the Crime and Punishment quest, with the first objective being to find an Oneirist to break the curse, 

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Weird West Crime And Punishment: Finding The Oneirists

Weird West Crime And Punishment
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Much like the statue, there are a few ways to find Oneirists who can help you with the quest. One way is by wandering the map until you get a random encounter called Profane Ritual, which will see you come across a group of Oneirists surrounding a pentagram. You'll have to quickly go and speak to the leader of the group before they finish the ritual and summon enemies. Another way to find some Onerirists is by travelling to the very east of the map and finding a location called Somnolence. 

No matter where you go, find a relevant Oneirist who can help you, and they will give you the choice of destroying the Cursed Statuette or freeing the spirit trapped inside. If you destroy it, the quest will end, but going forward with breaking the curse will begin the next objective, asking you to gather seven Dreamer's Vervain. 


Weird West Crime And Punishment: Dreamer's Vervain 

The Dreamers Vervain is a blue substance that you can find from random encounters with Wraiths, so wander the map again until you get enough encounters to gather what you need. This will lead you into the final part of the quest, where you'll need to travel to the Ritual Site location which is next to Grackle.

Weird West Crime And Punishment: Fate Of The Cursed Statuette

Speak to the Oneirist here, and you will be given the final choice of the quest, which is between freeing the spirit or destroying the Cursed Statuette. Destroying it will just end the quest quite anticlimactically, but if you free the spirit, you gain a friend-for-life called the Bloodstained Soul, who is a powerful, but evil, spirit who enjoys torturing mortals.  

That's all for our Weird West Crime and Punishment quest guide, and now you know how to begin the quest and free the spirit from the Cursed Statuette for a powerful ally.

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