Weird West Mayor Weeks Basement: How To Sneak Into Mayor Weeks' Basement

Weird West Mayor Weeks Basement: How To Sneak Into Mayor Weeks' Basement
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The Weird West Mayor Weeks basement area can be found in Galen's Crossing, and comes as an optional solution to get to the next part of the quest. Weird West's quests often have multiple solutions based on different playstyles that can lead to different outcomes in the world. If you want a walkthrough to access the Weird West Mayor Weeks basement area and solve the quest, read on.

Weird West Mayor Weeks Basement: The Lead Up 

Weird West Galen's Crossing Quest start
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To reach the part in the Bounty Hunter main quest where you go to Galen's Crossing to meet Mayor Weeks, you'll need to pay $300 at the relayograph clerk in Grackle. This will let you decipher the letter you picked up in a previous location, and it will point you toward the Mayor, suggesting that he has dealings with the Stillwater Gang and their human trafficking operation. 

Once you get there, you'll need to trick the guard into letting you into the compound, and then you'll be able to follow him in to talk to Mayor Weeks. Asking him about your husband will cause him to say he has information, but he asks for your help in return. You can threaten him with force, but he doesn't take the threat seriously because you're outnumbered, and the enemies in this area are a much higher level. 

As part of the deal, Mayor Weeks will ask you to procure the deed for Brush Creek Farm  - which is to the south of the Galen's Crossing - so he can grow tobacco there. This part of the quest opens up a little and gives you a few options of getting the information you need about your husband. 

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Weird West Mayor Weeks Basement: Acquiring The Deed

Weird West galen's corssing deed
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If you arrive at the Brush Creek Farm, one of the owners will come out and assume that Mayor Weeks sent you, and tell you that they aren't selling. You can inquire about the deed, and he'll give you a hint that you can get leverage over the Mayor by investigating his basement back in Galen's Crossing, which brings up an optional objective. 


If you still want to get the deed, you're going to need to head toward the farm house. The deed is locked away in a safe on the second floor that requires five lockpicks, and the room it's in is locked too. The key to that room is located in the barn, but if you climb onto the roof, you can use the window to enter the room directly. Then it's a matter of grabbing the deed from the safe and returning to the mayor, who'll give you information on where to go for your husband. This decision will also give you -10 reputation.

Weird West Mayor Weeks Basement: Investigating The Basement

Weird West Galen's Crossing Quest blackmail
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If you decide to investigate Mayor Weeks' basement instead of acquiring the deed to Brush Creek Farm, you'll need to return to Galen's Crossing. You have to trick the guard to enter the compound again, but they won't escort you around this time. Once you get inside, you'll want to find the basement.

Head to the very back left of the compound, and you'll find a building with stairs to its side and a series of windows round the back. There may be guards patrolling inside the building, so either wait until they move far enough away, or distract them with noise, then open a window and sneak in. There will be a door leading into a small storage room just next to you, and inside there is a trap door you can descend through. 

Inside the basement, you'll find a prisoner being help captive by Mayor Weeks who was part of the same group as your husband. Talking to him and asking him about your husband will get him to tell you to seek out a character called Essex Mast who's being held captive in Quickbend. You also get the optional objective to free him from the cell, which earns you a friend for life, some positive reputation, and a Nimp Relic inside a crate. 

Instead of talking to the prisoner, you can also head directly to Mayor Weeks and confront him about it, which lets you blackmail him into telling you about Essex Mast, so you can continue the quest. 

That's our rundown of the Weird West Mayor Weeks basement solution, and now you know the few ways you can get through the Galen's Crossing section.

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