V Rising Scourgestone: How To Get, How To Use

V Rising Scourgestone: How To Get, How To Use
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26th May 2022 09:51

V Rising Scourgestone is an important crafting item that players will need to seek out in the mid to late-game. V Rising has a system in which player levels are tied to the quality of their gear, meaning players will need to almost constantly be upgrading. Scourgestones are needed for crafting some powerful gear, making them highly sought after. Here is what you need to know about V Rising Scourgestones.

  • You need to defeat bosses to unlock crafting recipes, for help finding them check out our V Rising boss locations guide.

V Rising Scourgestone: How To Get

V Rising Scourgestone: Where to get them
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There are a couple of sources of Scourgestones in the game, all of which will require a decent amount of progress. They can be crafted, using one Whetstone, three Glass, and three Grave Dust. However, you need to defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess to unlock the crafting recipe for them. If crafting is less your thing and you would rather seek them out elsewhere, there are places where you can procure existing Scourgestones.

There are locations in the game where Scourgestones can be found in treasure chests. These places are Dunley Monastery, Church of the Damned, and the Ancient Villages.

Dunley Monastery is in the west of the Dunley Farmlands, and Church of the Damned is in the north of the region. There are two Ancient Villages in the Cursed Forest, one in the west and one in the east. Check these places for loot, and you should be able to get yourself some Scourgestones. Failing that, Scourgestones can drop from Skeleton Bishops and Scarecrows, so be sure to defeat any of those that you find.

To really farm those Scourgestones, you can build a Tomb at your Castle. Using this, you can summon Skeleton Bishops and kill them over and over to get Scourgestones. This method is expensive, but it works quickly.


  • Scourgestones go well with Silver, and you can learn how to get some with our V Rising Silver Ore guide.

V Rising Scourgestone: How To Use

V Rising Scourgestone: how to use it
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As mentioned, Scourgestones are an important resource for upgrading and crafting new gear. In particular, they are used in creating Dark Silver ingots, a material used in some of the better weapons and armour in the game.

Dark Silver is created from one Scourgestone and 20 Silver Ore, so you know these things are important. Be sure to stock up on silver using our guide linked above.

That is everything you need to know about Scourgestones. For more useful tips, check out our V Rising console commands guide.


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