V Rising Silver Ore: How To Get And Mine Silver Ore

V Rising Silver Ore: How To Get And Mine Silver Ore
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25th May 2022 13:59

V Rising Silver Ore is a late-game material that players will need to gather, as bad an idea as that sounds for a vampire. V Rising tasks players with growing their strength by improving their equipment. Silver is one of the strongest materials in the game, and as you would expect it is not easy to get your cold, dead hands on. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising Silver Ore.

V Rising Silver Ore: Locations

V Rising Silver Ore: Location of Sacred Silver Mines
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Silver Ore is only available in later areas in the game. Much like how you need to go to the Haunted Iron Mine to gather Iron Ore, you need to head to the Sacred Silver Mines to get yourself some Silver Ore. The mine is in the far northwest corner of the map, in the Silverlight Hills region.

You cannot just waltz into the Sacred Silver Mines, however, as it is heavily guarded. The area is filled with level 60 enemies, so be certain you are well equipped before heading to this mine. Disguises would be a good idea, you do not want to take on all of these guards at once. If you can employ some stealth, you definitely should. Make your way around the mine, smash up any veins of Silver you find, and line your pockets.


  • One way to use your Silver is to trade any Silver Coins you get with the V Rising Merchants.

V Rising Silver Ore: How To Use

V Rising Silver Ore: Bringing silver to a merchant
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Once you have gathered as much Silver Ore as you can bear to hold, take it back to your home base. How much you can bear to hold is an important factor; as a vampire, you take damage from holding silver. You can mitigate this damage with Silver Resistance Potions, allowing you to carry your haul home without discomfort, or death.

Bring the Silver Ore to your Smelter to turn it into Silver Ingots. With these, you can create some of the most powerful items in the game.

That is everything you need to know about V Rising Silver Ore. For more useful tips, check out our V Rising Quartz guide.


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