Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Special Vouchers

Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Special Vouchers
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8th Sep 2022 10:06

If you plan on performing gacha pulls on the Limited Time Matrice banner, you must know how to get Special Vouchers in Tower of Fantasy. As a gacha-based MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy offers various in-game currencies that many players find hard to obtain. One such currency is Special Vouchers that you won't get by exploring the game's open world, progressing the story, or doing such activities, apart from when the currency gets introduced to you in the early game. You can continue reading our guide on how to get Special Vouchers in Tower of Fantasy to learn more. 

Tower Of Fantasy: What Are Special Vouchers

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Special Vouchers are premium gacha currency in Tower of Fantasy that players can use in the limited-time Matrice Special Order banners to perform gacha pulls to get SR or SSR Matrices. 

Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Special Vouchers

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You can get Special Vouchers in Tower of Fantasy using Tanium or Dark Crystals from the game's Shop section. We have around two to three options for getting Special Vouchers. However, most of them involve microtransactions. The only "little free-to-play" option players have to get Special Vouchers in Tower of Fantasy is getting them via the Hot section of the Shop in exchange for 150 Dark Crystals. 

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Players can get Special Vouchers from the Daily Supply Boxes that cost Tanium, Tower of Fantasy's premium currency. Players can also get Special Vouchers by buying Limited Gift Packs from the in-game Shop, though that will also cost Tanium. So, if you don't care about microtransactions to get powerful in a 3D game, you can go for any of the listed options to get Special Vouchers in Tower of Fantasy. However, if you are a free-to-play player, you can use Dark Crystals to get the Special Vouchers.

Tower Of Fantasy: Special Vouchers Uses

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As mentioned earlier, you can use Special Vouchers for performing gacha pulls on limited-time Matrice Special Order banners. While writing this guide, the Steelheart banner is live. So, if you have any extra Special Vouchers on you - use them to perform gacha pulls on the Steelheart banner to get Frigg's SSR Matrice set. 

Performing 40 pulls will guarantee you an SSR Matrice. Even if you don't get Frigg's featured Matrices, you can use the accumulated Overclocking Chip to obtain the respective Martixes from Frigg's Matrice Set from the Limited Store section. 

That is it. Now you know what a Special Voucher in Tower of Fantasy is, how to get it, and its uses. For more on Tower of Fantasy guides, be sure to keep reading GGRecon.

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