Tips and Tricks to Dominate With the R-99 in Apex Legends

Tips and Tricks to Dominate With the R-99 in Apex Legends

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Katie Memmott


6th Jun 2020 18:00

The R-99 submachine gun is probably the favourite gun for players to pick up in Apex Legends, and for good reason. Even at launch, this weapon was the top choice for most Apex fans, spitting out bullets at an insane speed, and shredding anything in its path; providing you knew how to handle this unstable creature of a gun.

For those Apex players looking to dominate with the R-99 as a beginner, or an experienced user just looking for extra tips & tricks to add to their skill set, look no further than GGRecon’s guide to getting the most out of your R-99 SMG.

Getting to Know the R-99

Understanding the stats is key to understanding how to use any weapon, and we’re here to help. This roadrunner of a gun spits out bullets at 1080 RPM, the fastest rpm in the weapon pool.

The minimum mag capacity is 20, so with the speed you’re churning out bullets at, you’re going to want to bump that up to 22, 24 and eventually 27 as you (hopefully) find better and more rare magazine attachments throughout a match.

The R-99 uses light ammo, and although the damage isn’t superb, at a maximum of 17 headshot and 11 body, it does the job, and it does it well. The quick nature of this weapon means it’s easy to surprise opponents before they knew what hit them (in this case, 27 bullets in quick succession.)

The ADS is also blindingly fast, meaning you can go from unarmed or melee to ready to engage in one fluid movement.

The SMG has always been a favourite among pro Apex players too, and thus performs well in Ranked. During the Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournaments, the recaps for the meta were unchanged from match to match, with the R-99 appearing in most loadouts across the board. The fact this meta has been consistent says a lot for the fast and furious SMG.

The R-99 also features at the tippy-top of our Apex Legends weapons tier list.

Apex Legends R-99
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The R-99 SMG

What Should you Equip on your R-99?

It’s probably obvious to any Apex player that you would always want the best attachments possible, of the Epic and Legendary variety (Purple & Gold). The largest mag, as we’ve mentioned, provides you with 27 rounds, and is of the Epic variety.

However, the barrel stabiliser is going to be the make or break addition to your R-99 loadout. Recoil has been an issue with this gun in the past but using a Purple or Gold barrel stabiliser can basically eradicate this issue, enabling you to gun down your opponents with ease.

As for scopes, that is mainly down to personal choice. However, a 1 x Digital Threat is never a bad option for the R-99, especially in situations where smoke or gas is present. Only 1x and 2x scopes can be attached to the R-99, either in HOLO or HCOG varieties.

Controlling the R-99

The first thing you should know is this gun fires fast – and we mean fast. It can feel like you’re losing control of the weapon at times due to the high recoil. Trying to counteract this can be hard to learn, but once grasped, this weapon is so lethal in the right hands, practically running through teams like a laser beam. Our top tip for controlling the recoil is to slightly pull down when aiming down sights and firing and consider hip firing as a viable option. Tapping or clicking to fire in short bursts can also be useful to control unwanted recoil.


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