Competitive Apex Legends weapons for ranked mode can be translated easily.

00:00, 29 Feb 2020

Apex Legends Ranked mode is the closest gameplay experience you can get to tournament-style play, and now you know which Legend combo makes up the dream team, it’s time to finesse your weapon loadout too.

Apex boasts a ton of fantastic weapons to choose from, from SMGs to shotguns to snipers, but which Apex Legends weapons (and combo of the two) are going to get you the win?

We need to look no further than the latest competitive matches, Twitch Rivals & the Apex Global Series Qualifiers to find the answers. All stats taken from this accurately show the latest Apex Legends weapons meta in highest level competitive gaming, which trickles down to Ranked. The Apex Global Series Qualifier (NA) was fought out amongst the biggest and baddest clans in gaming on the 27th of January 2020 – before Season 4: Assimilation was introduced, and along with it, a plethora of gun updates. These include buffs, nerfs, changes to rarity and more, but the stand-out fact is that not many of the loadouts changed between these two events.


By far, the most used weapons in both these events were the R-99, G7 Scout, Peacekeeper, Wingman, and the gold supply-drop only guns Devotion and Mastiff. Many of these top-used guns are close range, reflecting on the late-game where, in competitive and Ranked, there are still several teams in the last few minuscule circles, meaning long-range engagements over the whole match are few and far between.

There are some subtle changes to the loadouts seen between Season 3 and Season 4, such as the G7 Scout classification being changed from Sniper to Assault Rifle, and for some reason becoming less seen in Twitch Rivals compared to the Global Series. That could be for any number of reasons; the players themselves just don’t favour it, or they favour a more close-range setup, but it’s something to note, nevertheless.

In both the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and NA (North America) Twitch Rivals games we saw a plethora of high-level and remarkably talented competitors choosing to use the above weapons to their advantage. One such player was YelennaTTV who opted for the R-99/Peacekeeper duo, making her short-range engagements ferocious. NAVI_Fyzu_1XBET, however, swapped out the PK for the Wingman, to allow for more range with a zoomed-in scope on the Wingman and that massive headshot damage. Wingman and Peacekeeper was also a popular combination for players such as NRG_Frexs and LG_xaniya. The fast-firing R-99 was also paired with the Mastiff, usually after the Peacekeeper was swapped out for the superior gold shotgun, such as in the case of Alexey_ZXC and ImMadnessCLG. High-ranking player gdolphn opted for the G7 Scout and Devotion, in keeping with the G7 headshot damage meta, and the Devotion’s new superior golden rarity making it more powerful than ever.


To answer this question, we need to dig deep into the stats and details of the weapons (and ammo variants) themselves.

There is an urban myth that different ammo types in Apex Legends do different types of damage. It is believed by some Apex players that light ammo shreds shields easier, whereas heavy ammo slows enemies down. It may definitely feel that way in-game, but there are no confirmed reports that these different ammo properties are real.

What we do know for sure are the damage stats for each of the Apex Legends weapons for Ranked, and why these statistics may uncover that specific gun’s popularity.

Apex Legends Weapons


R-99 – The R-99 has the second-fastest fire rate of all SMGs in the game (the Prowler is first but requires the Selectfire hop-up to achieve full-auto fire, which can be difficult to find). The R-99 does 198 DPS (the highest of all SMGs) and has an impressive 27 capacity magazine with a Purple rarity extended clip. It’s fast and furious – a finisher weapon to carry for those quick and easy eliminations.

Wingman – Heavy ammo is rumoured to have slowing abilities on enemies when a successful hit is made, but regardless of the truth on that, the headshot damage cannot be ignored at a whopping 94 maximum damage.  With the advent of Season 4, the maximum mag capacity was nerfed from 10 to 8 but balanced by base mag being increased from 4 to 5. The Wingman has a slow reload and fire rate but more powerful shots than other pistols.

Peacekeeper – Shotguns will always be present as the dominating force in Battle Royale games, but the Peacekeeper’s hop-up (Precision Choke) takes it from a beast to an unstoppable monster, boasting a max 165 headshot damage when charged, making it almost as deadly as the Mastiff.

(GOLD) Mastiff – the Mastiff has always been a legendary item in the game, only available from loot drops, which makes sense when you consider that each of its (only) 4 shots can be devastating with 288 maximum headshot damage, and a lightning-fast reload speed. A lot of players carrying Peacekeeper weapons for Ranked in the endgame will swap to this if available.

G7 Scout – As previously mentioned, the G7 Scout has moved from the sniper to assault rifle category in Season 4 but kept it’s colossal 68 headshot damage meta. It also has the Double Tap hop-up, firing twice in quick succession when shooting/tapping once. While it may be single-fire, it’s powerful at 136 DPS and one of the perfect Apex Legends weapons for Ranked.

(GOLD) Devotion – The Devotion, which was once ground loot, became a crate-drop-only weapon in Season 4 and was seen a few times endgame in Twitch Rivals. With a mag of 54, this destructive LMG can do 255 DPS.

Ranked mode encourages you to become the best of the best, so why not emulate the best Apex Legends players in the world and swap to one of these loadouts today? Load up the lobby and start the elimination party and let us know if any of these Apex Legends tips change your gameplay for the better!


Images via Respawn Entertainment

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