ALGS Online Tournament #3 has ended, check out the results!

10:30, 08 Apr 2020

The 3rd Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament concluded yesterday. This tournament was played over a span of two days from the 4th of April to the 6th of April; it featured some of the best teams going head-to-head in nail-biting competitions to assert their dominance.

The finals of the 3rd tournament for the European and North American region were held yesterday and broadcast on Apex Legends official Youtube channel.


The winners of the 3rd tournament were the following:

  • South America: BOUNCE
  • Oceania: EXO
  • Japan: DeToNator
  • Middle East & Africa: TeamXD
  • Southeast Asia: A3E
  • Korea: Crazy Raccoon
  • Europe: Gambit
  • North America: Team Liquid

TSM conquered the North American Online Tournament 2, earning themselves yet another trophy and reconfirming their dominance over the title but in this tournament, they fell shortly behind as Team Liquid were crowned victors from the 20 teams which participated in this tournament. On the European side, 20 teams participated in the online tournament final and 5 matches were played. The Gambit Esports finished the tournament in 1st place with 1500 ALGS Points.

Prize Pool:

$100,000 was the prize pool of the entire tournament which was divided into the regions. South America, Japan, Oceania, Middle East & Africa, Southeast Asia and Korea each had a prize pool of $9,000. While North America and Europe had a prize pool of $23,000.



Teams in the NA region placed as follows:

Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #3 NA Results
Image via Liquipedia

As you can notice that the difference in points wasn’t huge. It can’t be said that Team Liquid dominated all the games but they had the upper hand in most of them and their kills in the 3rd and 4th round provided them with the extra help they needed to finish at the first place. Fans were rooting for TSM as they were on a streak of winning tournaments. Team Liquid paced up the leaderboard from the last tournament from the 7th place to 1st.

Winners by rounds:

1st Round:  Complexity


2nd Round: Flying Saucerorrs


3rd Round: Rogue

4th Round: FNC.NA

5th Round: Team Liquid


Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament 3 Rankings & Results EU
Image via Liquipedia

The battle between GO and Gambit was extremely close, Gambit gained the majority of its point from eliminating opponents as it managed to place 1st in the 4th round. Other teams performed generally well; however, Na’vi, a reputed esports team, didn’t manage to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Winner by Rounds:

1st Round: Myth


2nd Round: ad hoc gaming

3rd Round: Power Puff Bruv

4th Round: dead inside

5th Round: Gambit


In terms of the most frequently opted Legends: Wattson and Wraith mark the top spot with almost all teams having both of them. The third legend varied between teams with the most common picks being Pathfinder and Gibraltar. Similar to the 2nd tournament and overall competitive scenario the gun meta remained consistent with R-99 as the primary weapon and Wingman or Peacekeeper as the secondary weapon of choice; nonetheless, some players were seen using the G7 Scout, Flatline and EVA-8 equipped by players.


The 4th tournament will be taking place between the 18th – 20th of April.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

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