Super People Tips: 10 Things You Need To Know

Super People Tips: 10 Things You Need To Know
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17th Dec 2021 14:12

The newest battle royale on the market is here, and players will want all the latest Super People tips and tricks to stay alive. Super People changes things up from other entries in the genre slightly, letting players craft upgrades, play as randomised classes, and acquire abilities and an ultimate. It's familiar for those who've played the genre, but differentiates itself enough to stand out, so for the best Super People tips, keep reading.

Super People Tips: Don't Go Full-Auto

Super People Tips learn recoil
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If you're thinking that the gunplay is going to be the same as PUBG or Warzone here, then you're mistaken. While it's not quite CS:GO levels of extreme, each weapon has a recoil pattern, and many of them are quite hard to get used too. In general, your first ten or so shots will be fairly accurate, but afterward the recoil will cause your aim to jump up. Playing more of the game and getting to grips with the guns will obviously help with this, but burst firing or equipping the vertical and angled grip attachments will massively smooth the recoil, helping with accuracy.

Super People Tips: Don't Always Go For The Kill Instantly

Super People Tips downed
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Like many other battle royales, if you're playing with a team, doing enough damage will down a player. This is the period where they are incapacitated and unable to fight back, and they'll slowly bleed out unless a teammate revives them. In situations like this, it's not always a good idea to try and kill them straight away. Remember, their teammates will want to revive them, so you can bait more players to come and help and get the jump on them. 

Super People Tips: Craft, Craft, Craft!

Super People Tips crafting
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Super People has a crafting system that allows you to upgrade various armours, equipment, and weapons. You can still find rarer loot on the ground, but crafting is how you obtain the best loot. Around the map, you can find random materials that have a gold glow on them, which are also marked on the map automatically once you’re nearby. Collecting these will allow you to craft better versions of your gear, which increases your defence for armour and damage from weapons. Equipment maxes out at level five, but weapons have seven levels. If you want to compete in the late game, then crafting is imperative to survival.

Super People Tips: Learn Your Class

Super People Tips classes
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At the beginning of each match of Super People, you will be assigned one of twelve classes. Each class has abilities that unlock over the game, an ultimate, and a unique weapon proficiency. As you can get any class in a game, it's important to learn what sets each one apart and how they differ in play style. We'll do a future rundown on these, but for now you just need to know the name and what their ultimate is:

  • Gas Soldier - Fireball
  • Gatling Soldier - Spitfire
  • Strike Force - Dash
  • Nuclear - Nuclear Strike
  • Shotgun Master - Tank Shotgun
  • Seeker - Quick Slide
  • Firearms Expert - Forcefield
  • Teleporter - Teleport
  • Marine - Fog of War
  • SWAT - Blackout
  • Sniper - Deadeye
  • Driver - Monster Jeep

Super People Tips: Understand Exactly How To Level Up

Super People Tips level up
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During a game of Super People, you will level up, which is what unlocks your various passive and active abilities, your ultimate, and generally improves your stats. Levelling up is achieve in three main ways: survival time, number of kills, and super capsules. The first two are self-explanatory, meaning the longer you survive and the more kills you get, will affect what your level is. Super capsules are little coloured pills you can find around the map, which unlock the abilities in your skill tree and also level you up by consuming them.

Super People Tips: Take Every Capsule You Find

Super People Tips capsules
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Speaking of the capsules, let's elaborate on them. There are five types of capsule in game: red, blue, green, white, and gold. The red, blue, and green capsules will upgrade an ability in the relevant coloured skill tree. Whereas white will upgrade a random ability, and gold will max out a random ability. There are no downsides to taking capsules, and they are fairly quick to consume, so always be on the lookout for them, and always take them asap.

Super People Tips: Learn Some Helpful Key Bindings

Super People Tips key binds
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The tutorial will of course cover the basic inputs you'll need in-game, concerning mobility and combat, but it doesn't detail everything. So here are some useful key bindings you may not have learnt:

  • Q and E - Used for leaning left and right, respectively.  
  • ALT - Allows you to fully rotate the camera while moving, without changing direction.
  • Z - Lets you prone, somehow the tutorial didn't mention this, but it's important when hiding or playing stealthy. 
  • V - Allows you to change from first-person to third-person view.

Super People Tips: Stay Mobile

Super People Tips stay mobile
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This tip is pretty popular in PUBG, but if this is your first battle royale it may save your life. When interacting with your inventory or another player's inventory, you can still move. Usually you'll be a sitting duck while swapping out gear or searching a corpse, but strafing side to side will reduce your chances of being hit by an enemy that catches you off guard. It's not guaranteed to save you in a scenario like that, but it will drastically improve your chance of escaping with your life. 

Super People Tips: Always Look For Your Wonder Case

Super People Tips wonder case
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An interesting part of Super People is that there are items you can find in-game and keep. Specifically gold and weapon blueprints, which can be used to buy new items, and craft weapons in the menu for use in your wonder case. The wonder case is an item that can randomly spawn during a match, with its location being marked. Inside is a loadout specific to you, which you can choose before entering a game. You have to use gold to purchase items for the case, and it costs gold in-game to unlock it, so it's not an infinite use type of thing.

Super People Tips: Jump Melee In Fist Fights

Super People Tips superman punch
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Dropping into the map on a battle royale can be a fairly tense endeavour, and if you come across an enemy player while without a weapon, only one person is getting out of there. If you do decide to have a fist fight with a player, jump first to perform a superman punch, which does more damage. If you manage to hit one of these on an enemy player's head, it will drop them instantly, and you can move on to acquire some gear.

Those are our Super People tips, and you should be a little more ready for your first victory. Check back as we'll have more guides on Super People soon.


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