How to fix Super People phone number verification error

How to fix Super People phone number verification error
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Tarran Stockton


23rd Aug 2022 12:42

Super People's phone number verification error causes players to not be able to access the final beta phase of the game, being stuck waiting for a code that won't actually come - so we've got you covered with a potential fix.

Beta tests for Super People have been running for just under a year as of writing this, allowing people in early to shape the class-based battle royale, but for all the players that gain entry, there are some struggling to even verify their account. 

Potential fix for the verification error

To try and fix the phone verification error, we'd first recommend that you cancel the process and try again, which does work for a lot of people. If the issue still persists and you are keen on playing, you can try with a different phone number.

There's no guarantee that this will work, but some people are reporting that it gets them into the beta. You should be able to play this way until the concrete fix from the developers sorts out the verification error.

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Phone number verification error explained

When you sign up for the Super People beta test, you will be required to verify your email and phone number with the GeeGee service. This is a fairly straightforward process for most people, as you just need to click a link in an email, and then wait for a verification code to be sent to your mobile device, which will result in you getting access to the beta.

However, for some people, this step doesn't work as they don't receive the required verification code. It's mostly an issue that affects US-based players, and while developers are aware of the error, if you get it in the meantime, there are some ways to try and fix it.

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