Is Super People Free To Play?

Is Super People Free To Play?
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18th Aug 2022 17:11

Many people looking forward to the battle royale want to know, is Super People free to play? Super People is a brand-new battle royale that's currently in its final beta phase, and it's been notable for combining the realistic visuals of PUBG with hero shooter design from Apex Legends, meaning every time you drop in you can choose a unique character with their own abilities. While the beta is free to enter, you may still want to know if the final product will be the same, so check if Super People is free to play. 

Is Super People Free To Play?

Is Super People Free To Play?
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There doesn't seem to be any confirmation on whether Super People will be free to play in its full release, but based on the current market for battle royales and the oversaturation of the genre, if Super People is going to have a chance, it would make sense for it to be free.


Currently, players can take part in the final beta phase before the game releases later in the year, so if you want to play, head over to Steam and just enter into the beta. It's only available on PC currently, and will likely remain that way during launch, but the developers have expressed interest in porting it to console down the line. 

We'll make sure to update this guide once the developers give a concrete answer on the game's business model, and whether it will be free. 

That's our breakdown of the question, is Super People free to play? Now you know that we aren't currently sure, but check back during the course of the final beta phase as more details are unveiled. 

We also have a breakdown of the Super People Armory and Personal Supply system, which allows you to craft during games. 

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