Does Super People Have Controller Support?

Does Super People Have Controller Support?
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Tarran Stockton


18th Aug 2022 17:14

Super People controller support is a feature that players of this battle royale are wondering about, as it's currently a PC-exclusive title and the majority of the playerbase is rocking a mouse and keyboard. Super People is a battle royale that blends the photorealistic graphics and map design of PUBG with the hero shooter design of Apex Legends, giving it a unique place in the current BR market. If you're looking to jump in the final beta phase before release but want to know if there is Super People controller support, we've got you covered.

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Does Super People Have Controller Support?

Super People Controller Support
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Currently, Super People is a PC-based battle royale that only supports keyboard and mouse gameplay, meaning you won't be able to just plug in a controller and jump into a game. The developers have also been silent on whether they plan to add controller support down the line, but considering the game is still only in beta, it's certainly a possible addition that could down the line. The developers are also planning on releasing the title onto consoles once it's been fully released on PC, which only adds to the likelihood of the PC version gaining controller support.


Despite the lack of official controller support, PC is still an open platform and if a player is deadset on using a gamepad, there are workarounds. Websites like offer different configurations for controllers that can be imported into the game, or you have the option downloading something like Bluestacks and using a controller through that program.

That's all for our primer on Super People controller support, and now you know that there's no official controller support, but there are solutions to work around the lack of support.

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