Is Super People Cross Platform?

Is Super People Cross Platform?
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Tarran Stockton


18th Aug 2022 17:17

You may wonder if there are plans for Super People cross platform play, as even though the game is only available on PC currently, players want to know if they can play with friends on different platforms in the future. Super People is in its final beta phase at the time of writing this, and is likely set to release sooner rather than later, with many expecting it before the year is over. So if you need a quick breakdown on the possibility of Super People cross platform play, we've got you covered. 

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Is Super People Cross Platform?

Super People Cross Platform
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The developers haven't commented on the possibility of Super People crossplay as we're writing this, and considering the game is only on PC currently, there's no other platforms for players to join up with. Wonder People has expressed interest in porting the game to other platforms sometime in the future, meaning it will likely come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S one day, but it's unknown if players on those consoles will be able to play together, or play with the PC userbase.


The developers are still likely focusing on the PC development of the game as it nears a release, which is expected to come later this year or early in 2023. There are still many questions about the future of the game, such as Super People controller support, and whether it will be free to play on release. We'll make sure to update this article once we hear more about the possibility of crossplay.

That's all for our breakdown of Super People cross platform, and now you know that there's official confirmation about whether it will happen in the future.

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