Super People ranked mode explained

Super People ranked mode explained
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20th Dec 2021 14:50

Many players will be wondering what the Super People ranks are. This new battle royale looks and plays a lot like PUBG, except for mechanics like the classes, crafting, and wonder case, which serve to give the game its own identity.

Another aspect it lifts from PUBG pretty closely is the leaderboard-based ranked system, which lets players compete for that coveted number one - or Super - rank. So, if you're eager to find out how the Super People ranks and ranking system works, read on.

Super People Ranks: How Does Ranked Work?

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The Super People ranked system works by letting every player compete against one another, based on which mode or style of gameplay they take part in. There isn't an optional ranked mode like other multiplayer games, instead following the model of PUBGs quite closely. 

Essentially, as you play you will garner a score called RP, which ticks up based on your performance in games. As you earn more, you will level up: firstly in the tiers of a rank, and eventually to a different rank altogether. Currently, this is split up into different leaderboards for the solo, duo, and squad modes, which are further split into both first-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP). 

Beta ranks explained

Super People Ranks top 50
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As the game isn't in a state of full release yet, there isn't a lot of information about all of the ranks. As you start, you will be placed into Iron 5, which is the first ranking. Those elite players who get to the very top also have distinctive ranks for themselves, starting from number 50. 

The players who place from 50 to 11 in the worldwide leaderboards earn the ranking of Grand Master, while 10 to 2 gain the Legendary rank, and number 1 receives the Super rank. Each rank also has its own little badge to display, and your highest one gets saved to that specific Season, which can be accessed on the Rank tab of the Season page. 

This was our Super People ranks breakdown, and now you should understand exactly how to reach the very top of the leaderboard for this new battle royale. If you want to do that though, also check out the best Super People guns and Super People tips guides.

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