Super People Squad Size: How Many People Can You Play With?

Super People Squad Size: How Many People Can You Play With?
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3rd Jan 2022 13:41

Many players may be wondering what the Super People squad sizes are. Super People is a new battle royale that draws inspirations from the look and feel of PUBG, but combines character classes and crafting mechanics to differentiate itself from the rest of the market. There are a few options of play in this game, so the Super People squad size will vary based on the mode you queue for, but here is all the information you'll need when playing.

Super People Squad Size: How Many Can Play At Once?

Super People Squad Size
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The Super People squad size will vary depending on which game mode you take part in during the current iteration of the Super People CBT. Currently, there are three main modes which are further segmented by third-person perspective (TPP) and first-person perspective (FPP). Each mode also has a separate leaderboard which is connected to the Super People ranks.

Solo is the first mode, and it puts you in a free-for-all with up to one-hundred other solo players. Next is the Duo mode, which allows you to play with one teammate, against up to fifty other duos. Lastly, there is Squad mode, which gives you the chance to play with up to three friends to a form a squad of four. You can also queue as a three-man in the Squad mode, which pairs you with a random player, or sometimes just keeps the team in a three. 

Of course, if you have no one to jump on and play with you, solo players can still queue for the Duo and Squad mode, which will pair you with random players instead, so you won't be forced to just take part in the Solo queue. 

That's our rundown of the Super People squad sizes, and now you should be familiar with how many friends you can launch into a game with.

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