Super People Armory And Personal Supply: How To Craft Custom Weapons With Blueprints

Super People Armory And Personal Supply: How To Craft Custom Weapons With Blueprints
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23rd Dec 2021 14:36

So what's the deal with the Super People Armory And Personal Supply systems? These two features present in the new battle royale, Super People, allow players to build their own modified weapons and custom-tailor their in-game loot. The problem is, the Super People Armory and Personal Supply systems can be confusing and downright overwhelming at first glance. This guide will teach you how to get blueprints and craft custom weapons with them. Along the way, we'll also detail how to fine-tune your Super People Personal Supply.

Super People Armory And Personal Supply: How To Get Blueprints

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Blueprints are the foundation of crafting personalised weapons in Super People. Before you can craft your customised gun to toss into your Personal Supply, you need to obtain the appropriate blueprints. Blueprints appear randomly as loot during a match. Additionally, you can collect blueprints off of the bodies of fallen opponents. When you loot a blueprint, it gets added to your personal stash for that game.

Finding blueprints is easy, returning to the lobby with your blueprints is the hard part. The only way to ensure that you keep all of the blueprints you find in a game is to win the match. If you are eliminated, you will drop some or all of the blueprints you collected in that match. Which blueprints you keep and which you lose is random - but the higher you finish in a match, the more blueprints you get to keep.

You can check the Material tab under Armory on the main menu to see which blueprints you own.

Super People Armory And Personal Supply: How To Craft Custom Weapons With Blueprints

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You'll need five special weapon-specific blueprints to craft a custom weapon. For example, you can craft the Rare AKM after collecting all five Rare AKM blueprints. Each gun has a Rare, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythical variant that you can craft with the right ingredients.

Weapons crafted with blueprints deal less damage than weapons picked up on the battlefield. However, custom weapons are assigned Special Attributes at random. For instance, a Rare AKM that you crafted with blueprints can appear in your Personal Supply with a Special Attribute called Armor Recycling. This perk will automatically recover 30% of your armour's health when you kill an enemy.

Custom weapons of Rare quality come with one Special Attribute, Heroic get two, and Legendary and Mythical blueprint-crafted weapons come equipped with three and four Special Attributes, respectively.

Super People Armory And Personal Supply: How To Add Items To Your Personal Supply

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When left alone, your Personal Supply will come loaded with a high rarity version of your class's Specialised Weapon and a random assortment of armour, attachments, ammo, supplies, and Super Capsules.

However, if you really want to put the "personal" in Personal Supply, it's possible to handpick which items will appear in your Personal Supply case. Under the Personal Supply tab on the main menu, you can choose from a long list of supplies — including custom weapons crafted with blueprints — to add to your Personal Supply. Each item has a gold cost, so expensive items can make opening your Personal Supply each match a pricey endeavour. In total, you have five slots to customise however you'd like.

Super People Armory And Personal Supply: How To Get Your Personal Supply In-Game

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A Personal Supply is just that — your own personal stash of loot that only you can open. Your Personal Supply will spawn randomly each match in the early to mid-portion of the game. You'll get an alert that your Personal Supply is available with an icon on your screen marking its location.

Approach your Personal Supply and pay the gold fee to open it and acquire all of your personalised loot.

That's about all the information you need to take advantage of Super People's exhaustive Armory and Personal Supply systems. Custom weapons crafted in the Armoury and looted out of your Personal Supply will make your favourite Super People classes that much stronger.


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