Super People Weapon Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

Super People Weapon Tier List: All Weapons Ranked
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4th Jan 2022 09:24

Our Super People weapon tier list is here and should shed some light on exactly which weapons will help you get a win after dropping into Orb Island. Super People has been a smash hit in its beta state which released onto Steam near the end of 2021. With tonnes of weapons to choose from, and even classes and crafting mechanics which change how effective they are in different hands, there is a lot to learn about the best Super People guns. While that dedicated guide covers the top five guns in the game, this Super People weapon tier list looks at all the weapons and ranks them accordingly.

Super People Weapon Tier List

S Tier

Super People Weapons Tier List M416S
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  • M416S
  • F2000
  • SKS

For the top of our Super People weapons tier list, it's simply about which guns are the best all-rounders based on every metric - including damage, range, fire-rate, and recoil. Recoil in particular is extremely important in Super People, as most guns have strong recoil patterns that require you to learn them precisely. 

The two assault rifles (M416S and F2000) are extreme powerhouses and work very well at any range, especially once equipped with attachments like sights and grips to give you that extra range advantage. The SKS on the other hand is a more of a designated marksman rifle (DMR), with a semi-auto fire-rate that boasts outstanding damage output, making it the next best choice after a sniper, for long-range battles. 

A Tier

Super People Weapons Tier List KAR98K
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  • PPSh41
  • KAR98K
  • AKM
  • MINI-R

Our A tier is a little more wide-ranging, with an SMG, assault rifle, DMR, and a sniper rifle covering the bases. Firstly, the PPSh41 is a king in the early game, thanks to its huge drum of 70+ bullets which tear through unarmoured players and teams. The AKM is a solid assault rifle with high ranging damage, but its lower fire rate and worse recoil are what put it firmly below the S tier.

The KAR98K is one of the game's two snipers, and is pretty standard as far as a sniper goes, with excellent damage only if you can consistently hit the shots. It's also a bolt action, so the fire-rate is quite slow, which is why DMR's often perform better at range. The MINI-R is of course the DMR of the A tier, but it's essentially a worse version of the SKS, so it sits a little lower in the ranking.

B Tier

Super People Weapons Tier List Uzi Pro
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  • UMP9
  • Vector
  • SCAR-H
  • SA-12K
  • MP5SD

This tier is basically home to the SMGs, along with a shotgun and assault rifle. None of the other SMGs stand up to the PPSh41 in terms of pure damage output, as their magazines are all much smaller, and rely on extended magazines to make them viable. They all hover around one another in regard to their stats, so you can easily swap one out for the other, and they'll all get the job done well for the early game and in close quarters. 

The SA-12K is an automatic shotgun that can house plenty of ammo in its magazine, standing above the rest because of the aforementioned features. The other shotguns just don't sit as viable weapons against SMGs and assault rifles - even in close range - but the SA-12K offers enough to down the most heavily armoured enemy. Lastly, the SCAR-H falters next to the better ARs because of the heavy recoil and lower magazine size, but it does do enough damage from putting it lower.

C Tier

Super People Weapons Tier List R870
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  • G3
  • M1 Garand
  • R870
  • X40A1

We're getting into the lower tiers here, and weapons at this level don't really stand up to the better guns in Super People. The G3 is a semi-auto assault rifle, and while it offers great damage, the recoil is the worst of any AR, making it a very hard gun to even get a kill with. We also have the M1 Garand which is a DMR that also suffers from terrible recoil, and gives away your position to everyone after you reload. 

Next up, is the R870 shotgun which is a pump action, meaning it suffers from a slow fire rate and will you put you in unwinnable fights against enemies with the higher tier guns. There is also the X40A1 which is Super People's other sniper rifle. This weapon has the highest damage per shot of any gun in the game, but with a tradeoff meaning you can only fire one shot before an arduous reload - making it worthless unless you are Deadshot.

D Tier

Super People Weapons Tier List W1887
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  • W1887
  • SP686
  • M16A4

In the final tier of the Super People weapons tier list we have the worst guns in the game in this current version. The W1887 and SP686 are two shotguns that don't pack much of a punch overall thanks to a slow fire rate and magazine size respectively. The other shotguns and SMGs can easily outpower one of these weapons during a close engagement, and they're only viable during the very early moments of the game. The M16A4 on the other hand suffers from a three round burst fire mode and heavy recoil, which makes it impossible to compete with the automatic ARs.

That's our Super People weapons tier list, and now you should know which weapons to avoid and which ones to seek out on Orb Island.

If you're wondering about how many friends you can play with, here's our Super People squad size guide.


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