Super People CBT: What Is The Closed Beta Test?

Super People CBT: What Is The Closed Beta Test?
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Tarran Stockton


21st Dec 2021 09:53

The Super People CBT is here, and players can try out the brand-new battle royale that twists PUBG-like gameplay with classes, abilities, and crafting. The game isn't fully released yet, but PC players can access what is called the closed beta test (CBT) right now, and experience the game for another week. There's a lot to learn in-game, but before we even get there, here's our rundown of the Super People CBT, including how to play it.

Super People CBT: What Is It?

Super People CBT in-game boat
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The Super People CBT is the period of closed beta testing, where players can try and test the game before release, along with optionally giving feedback on bugs and balancing to the developers. It gives the developers the chance to see how the game performs with a wide sample of players participating, along with creating some hype for its eventual release. 

The CBT began on December 7, and will run until December 26, meaning as of writing, players will have less than a week to try the game out. Right now, the game offers a what we assume will be the majority of its launch content: with 12 classes, a full map, character customisation, levelling, and a leaderboard ranking system. All of these are subject to change before release however, so do bear that in mind when playing the CBT. 

Super People CBT: How To Play It

Super People CBT Steam
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Initially, the Super People CBT was a lot harder to access and had a spark of randomness to the player selection process. Thankfully, that's been fixed and simplified, so all you need to play is a Steam account. Here's our full breakdown of participating in the CBT:

  • Find the Super People Steam store page, and click the 'Request Access' button located below the game's pictures.
  • After requesting an invitation to the CBT, you should see the title appear in your Steam library.
  • Click 'Install' and let the game download and install onto your computer, the size is roughly 30 GB at the moment.
  • Once it's all finished, click 'Play' and then verify a phone number with their GeeGee service
  • Lastly, the Super People client should launch from where you can boot the game up.

They do state on their installation instructions page, that "this new registration process may be subject to change, and the 'Request Access' button may become unavailable." If this happens, you will need to find another way to gain access, but we will update this page with the new information.

That's our breakdown of the Super People CBT, and you should be ready to get in the game and play. We also have guides for the best Super People guns, and a rundown of the Super People classes.


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