How to taunt in Street Fighter 6: Button inputs & how to remap them

How to taunt in Street Fighter 6: Button inputs & how to remap them
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Dave McAdam


2nd Jun 2023 14:32

Not sure how to taunt in Street Fighter 6, and feel the need to mess with your opponents? Street Fighter 6 does feature a taunt function, despite it being quite hard to find.

Taunts are fun little ways to insert a character's personality, and each fighter in the game has several of them. Here is how to taunt in Street Fighter 6 using the standard button inputs, and how you can remap them.

How to taunt in Street Fighter 6

Guile taunting Marisa in Street Fighter 6
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To taunt in Street Fighter 6, you need to press all three punch buttons and all three kick buttons at the same time. This has to be very precise, as the slightest mistiming will likely result in throwing out a Drive Impact at an inopportune moment.

Hitting all six buttons and any direction will result in a different taunt, including a crouching taunt performed by holding down. Regardless of your choice, any taunt will leave you vulnerable for a few seconds, so use taunts wisely, or not at all.

How to remap the taunt input in Street Fighter 6

Remapping the taunt input in the controls menu in Street Fighter 6
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If you really love to taunt, you will want to remap the input. This can be done by opening the pause menu and going to the controls settings. Select Edit Control Mapping and scroll down to the bottom of the menu.

Near the bottom, you will find the taunt option. Highlight it, and press any button to assign taunts to it. Bear in mind, if you press a button that has already been assigned to another function, it will be overwritten.

Assign taunt to an unused button, then use it to easily taunt at any time. This is much better than trying to press six buttons at once, making this the way to go for serial taunters.

That is it for our guide on how to taunt in Street Fighter 6. For more, check out our Street Fighter homepage, or check out how to play Luke in Street Fighter 6.

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