Stray: Where Is Clementine?

Stray: Where Is Clementine?
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21st Jul 2022 17:13

Finding Clementine in Stray can be difficult at first, she residents in Midtown which is a maze of alleyways and neon signs. Clementine is one of the 'outsiders' in Stray, a collection of Companions who are motivated to find a way out of The Dead City. To find Clementine, read on.

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Stray: Who Is Clementine?

Zbaltazar's photo clue in Stray
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The name Clementine may ring a bell for you before you even reach Antvillage or Midtown. Clementine is a friend of Momo's and used to live in the slums along with the other outsider Companions. Unlike Momo who chose to stay behind, Clementine braved the sewers and found a way through them with Zbaltazar.

During your quest to exit The Dead City, Zbaltazar will direct you to Midtown to find Clementine who he thinks may have an idea on how to escape the city. The issue is – the local authorities are also searching for Clementine for disturbing the peace.

Zbaltazar gives Stray a clue to follow, on the back of the photograph is a blue symbol which signifies her apartment complex, the green dots are her floor number, and the red dots are her room number meaning she is on the third floor, apartment five.


Stray: Where Is Clementine's Apartment In The Slums?

Clementine's Apartment In The Slums
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Clementine's first apartment is in the slums, during the Momo section of the quest, B12 will suggest you gather all the outsider's notebooks for clues.

Clementine's notebook is in her apartment, recognisable for the blue and white outsider's logo painted outside her window. She also has a red lantern hanging outside her open window. The notebook, along with a collectable music sheet will be inside. Simply jump up to the rooftops, her apartment will be directly opposite Momo's.

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Stray: Where Is Clementine's Apartment In Midtown?

Clementine's Apartment In Midtown
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Clementine's apartment is within a complex in Midtown. From the main street walk straight ahead and then turn right at the hologram in the city centre. The blue symbol on the photograph will be hanging from the complex. You'll also see three young Companions with a speaker in the lobby. Choose to interact with them and perform their side quest if you wish or continue up to the third floor where Clementine's apartment is.

Her apartment is numbered with five dots and is roped off with police tape, but Stray can crawl through the hole in the window. Upon first interaction with her, show Clementine the photograph Zbaltazar gave you.

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