Stray Multiplayer Mod: How To Install

Stray Multiplayer Mod: How To Install
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Kiera Mills


25th Jul 2022 14:45

A new Stray mod allows you to play the adorable cat adventure game with friends. The Stray multiplayer mod supports split-screen gaming, with an added controller enabled to play as two different Stray cats. To learn how you can get the mod for yourself, read on.

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Stray Multiplayer Mod: How To Install

Stray split-screen mod
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The Stray split-screen mod by KangieDanie is available on Nexus Mods to download. The mod is still in early production and has some bugs to fix but is a great indication of what multiplayer could look like in Stray in the future.

If you wish to download and try it for yourself, be warned that the mod can cause game crashes and the HUD is only visible to one of the players. As the mod is in early production the modder is looking at ways to fix it and progress the mod to encompass the entire game.

To install:

  1. Download the Mod through Nexus Mods
  2. Download the config PAK file
  3. Download the latest Unreal Mod Loader
  4. Extract the mod and paste it into a newly created mods folder within the game files
  5. Launch UnrealModLoader.exe.
  6. Launch Stray.

Once within the game press F9 to add split-screen into the game.

Note that if you do not download the PAK file then you'll have control and play as both characters. As always use mods at your discretion.


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Stray Multiplayer Mod: Requirements

Stray opening sequence
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The mod is only available for PC players as of yet. However, the mod allows the second player to connect to the first's keyboard. Or you can connect multiple controllers for multiple players. The mod supports up to four players so far, although the more players that join the game the more likely you'll experience glitches.

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