Stray Memories: All B12 Memory Locations

Stray Memories: All B12 Memory Locations
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Memories in Stray are collectables which help to uncover more of B12's backstory, along with the mystery of what happened to humanity. Collecting clues from the environment in Stray can unlock more of B12's memories as you progress through the game. To learn where every memory is in Stray and unlock an exclusive clothing item, read on. The following are memories organised by the chapter they can be found in.

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Stray Memories: Slums Memory Locations

There are a total of seven memories that can be found in the slums.

Slums Memory 1/7

Stray, Slums memory 1/7
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This is a dead Companion slouched behind the arrow sign above the rooftops. The sign is an arrow stretched round to look like a capital P with a soda bottle in the middle. The companion will be sat behind the sign next to a pile of suitcases.

Slums Memory 2/7

Stray, Slums memory 2/7
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This is the mystery item the merchant sells for three energy drinks. The merchant is located right of the Guardian Companion.

To get the drinks you must interact with working vending machines. There are a total of four vending machines scattered across the slums.

One is opposite the musician Morusque, left of the Guardian.


Another can be found near the couch and TV lounge area on the rooftops.

There is also an operating vending machine past Seamus' house (recognisable for the bright yellow glow of its lights).

The last is on a balcony above Rozey, the Companion watching TV in an alleyway near the laundry. Take an immediate left from the alley you entered the slums in, and he'll be sitting watching TV.

Slums Memory 3/7

Stray, Slums memory 3/7
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This memory is a bowl with computer chips in it. The bowl is balanced on a stool on the upper landing of the bar.

Slums Memory 4/7

Stray, Slums memory 4/7
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Inside Momo's apartment, there is a poster of a video game. Interact to get the memory. Momo's apartment is visible from the rooftops as having a bright neon sign above it. The Guardian will also direct you to Momo's apartment upon first interaction.

Slums Memory 5/7

Stray, Slums memory 5/7
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RIP Humans graffiti can be found on the back wall past Seamus' house (which emits a bright yellow glow). There will be a vending machine nearby.

Slums Memory 6/7

Stray, Slums memory 6/7
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This memory is the graffiti art of a companion. To access the platform it is on, you'll have to jump on the bins round the corner from Morusque the musician. Or you can jump down to the platform from the window in Zbaltazar's apartment.

  • Zbaltazar's notebook is a quest item needed in Momo's questline. To learn where all the other notebooks are for the quest, read our guide on all the Stray notebook locations.

Slums Memory 7/7

Stray, Slums memory 7/7
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This memory is on the upper floor of Elliot's Programming. The building is around the corner from the bar and has signs on the door. Scratch the door to enter, upstairs the memory will be triggered from the plants growing out of a toilet.

Stray Memories: Rooftops Memory Locations

Rooftops Memory 1/2

Stray, Rooftops memory 1/2
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Along the main pathway, early into your exploration of the rooftops, you'll come across a flickering neon sign.

Rooftops Memory 2/2

Stray, Rooftops memory 2/2
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This sign is in an alcove to the left of the area where you must use a barrel to squash the Zurks chasing you. This puzzle requires you to lead the Zurks around the compound so you can unlock the door and roll the barrel out, which you can then use as another platform to get to higher ground.

Stray Memories: Dead End Memory Locations

Dead End Memory 1/3

Stray, Dead End memory 1/3
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 As Seamus opens the door for you at the beginning of the chapter, take a left turn past the moped. There is a wall with three posters, this is the next memory.

Dead End Memory 2/3

Stray, Dead End memory 2/3
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After the Zurk chase sequence and subsequent trolly ride, jump up the wall. Before turning left and jumping over the gate, turn right of the red Companion graffiti. There will be a fence with a torn section you can crawl under. Past here is the next memory, a companion lifeless on the water.

Dead End Memory 3/3

Stray, Dead End memory 3/3
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This memory is in Doc's apartment in the dead-end zone. It will be a mannequin with a bucket on its head opposite Doc's desk.

Stray Memories: The Sewers Memory Locations

The Sewers Memory 1/2

Stray, Sewers memory 1/2
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Once you've gotten past the first locked gate, proceed to the second where Momo and you will part ways. Go past the access control system, instead of continuing straight ahead, turn left and defeat the Zurk nest. Once defeated, there will be a pipe entrance next to the nest. Go through the pipe to discover the next memory.

The Sewers Memory 2/2

Stray, Sewers memory 2/2
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After navigating through different paths guarded by Zurk swarms, you will jump out of a tunnel onto a pipe, turn left to climb along the pipe and into another area where the next memory will be.

Stray Memories: Antvillage Memory

Stray, Antvillage memory
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After speaking to Zbaltazar in Antvillage, climb back down towards the Companion watching TV on the sofa. The memory is on the wall to the right of the sofa.

Stray Memories: Midtown Memory Locations

Midtown Memory 1/6

Stray, Midtown memory 1/6
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After arriving at the subway station, climb the stairs and turn right to enter a little library alcove. The memory will be here.

Midtown Memory 2/6

Stray, Midtown memory 2/6
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The memory is in a balcony area directly above Albert the companion who sweeps the alleyway and wears a traffic cone on his head. Jump onto the blue awning above him and scale around the AC units until you see the cushioned hangout area.

Midtown Memory 3/6

Stray, Midtown memory 3/6
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Go to the barber shop in the centre of town (next to the headwear shop). Climb up the shelves into the crawlspace above. There will be a jumble of photo frames and the next memory.

Midtown Memory 4/6

Stray, Midtown memory 4/6
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Go inside Mattbee's food shop in the central Midtown area. Jump onto the back ceramic wall lined with plant pots to gain access to the open ceiling space. Here will be the next memory.

Midtown Memory 5/6

Stray, Midtown memory 5/6
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To get this memory you must first acquire the battery from the factory. This will open the security building located near the hologram in the city centre. The building is washed in yellow fluorescent light. The memory inside is a framed picture of a Sentinel.

Midtown Memory 6/6

Stray, Midtown memory 6/6
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After taking the battery from the factory and following the clues left by Clementine, work your way to the bar. Once you’ve climbed around the back and a Companion has let you in through a window, walk on the dumbwaiter next to the sink behind the bar. It will lower to the basement area where the next memory will be waiting on a table.

Stray Memories: Jail Memory Location

Stray, Jail memory
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After you retrieve B12, the memory will be in the shape of a Companion rebooted near a dumpster. This area is accessible shortly after locking the sentinel in your cell.
After Clementine opens the gate for you in the jail courtyard, the Companion will be to the right.

Stray Memories: Main Memory Locations

Stray, first main memory
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There are also five main memories that B12 will receive during the playthrough. These will be automatically added upon completion of certain chapters and will reveal more behind the mystery of The Dead City. These cannot be missed and show up as orange memories in the memory menu.

Stray Memories: Rewards

Stray, collect all memories backpack reward
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As a reward for collecting all the memories in the game, you'll receive an achievement or trophy and a new holographic harness for Stray to wear. If you missed any memories during your playthrough, you can replay a chapter and it will still count towards your total. The holographic backpack can be worn through all re-played missions once the memory achievement is earned.

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