How To Fix The Tracker In Stray

How To Fix The Tracker In Stray
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19th Jul 2022 12:31

Fixing the Tracker in Stray will help along the main questline and Momo's story. The Tracker is an item in Stray that Seamus uses to follow the signal of Doc, a lost outsider that went missing some years ago along with information on how to stop the Zurks. To fix the tracker you'll need to follow a set of steps in the correct order. Read here for everything you need to know to fix the Tracker in Stray.

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Stray Tracker: How To Get

Doc's secret room in Stray
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After fitting the transceiver to the tower, contacting Zbaltazar and hearing of Doc's disappearance from his son Seamus, Stray follows Momo to Seamus' apartment to talk with him.

Once there, Seamus discovers that Doc had a secret room in the apartment. To find the room, uncover the picture on the far left of the desk to reveal the keypad. Next, uncover the picture of Doc and Seamus to reveal a clue to the room code. Enter in the numbers showcased on the hours of the four clocks on the opposite wall.

Once inside Doc's secret room, climb on the shelf to the left of the room and knock down a cardboard box to reveal the broken tracker inside. Seamus suggests that if they find someone to fix it, they can locate Doc.

Stray Tracker: Where is Elliot?

Door to Elliot's Programming in Stray
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You must now ask around town to see if anyone can fix the Tracker. After the bartender companion mentions Elliot's Programming shop, head there to get the Tracker fixed.

Elliot's Programming is just around the corner from the bar, upon leaving the bar take a left turn, his programming shop will be on the corner. Outside his house will be a diagram and note instructing you to knock. Have Stray scratch at the door to be let in and advance upstairs to talk to Elliot.

Elliot will inform you that he cannot help unless he has something to stop his trembling arms, meaning he needs clothing to warm him up.

Stray Tracker: How To Get Clothing

Grandma's Clothing shop in Stray
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You can get clothing from Grandma's shop. This is relatively simple to find if you use the street signs to navigate, her shop is straight on from Elliot's Programming. Her shop will be cast in a yellow hue and Grandma will be sitting outside. She informs you that if you give her some Electric Cable, she will knit a poncho for you.


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Stray Tracker: How To Get Electric Cable

The Merchant in Stray
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Electric Cable is sold by the merchant (located right of the Guardian companion) in return for super spirit detergent.

You can get super spirit detergent from the super spirit laundry; however, the companion will not open the door for you. To gain access, climb to the laundry rooftop and meow next to the companion throwing paint. They will jump and drop the paint outside the laundry, spurring the worker there to open the door.

Once inside pick up the super spirit detergent from the left side counter in the shop, trade it with the merchant for electric cable and then return to Grandma.

How To Fix The Tracker In Stray

Tracker quest completed in Stray
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After commissioning the poncho from grandma, return to Elliot's Programming to exchange the clothing for his services in mending the Tracker. Once the Tracker is fixed, return to Seamus at his apartment for the next part of the quest.

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