Stray Energy Drink Locations

Stray Energy Drink Locations
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Energy drinks in Stray are needed to barter with the merchant for other materials and collectables. The Stray merchant is located on the pathway to the right of the Guardian Companion you first encounter in the slums. In return for energy drinks, he will trade a memory and music sheet with you, needed to complete achievements/trophies. To learn where you can find energy drinks in the slums, read on.

Stray: Energy Drink Walkthrough

Where To Get Energy Drinks In Stray

Stray merchant
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Energy drinks can be gathered from interacting with working vending machines, scattered across the slums. There are four working vending machines in the slums of Stray, distinguished from the broken ones through their illuminated display, which will turn off once you collect a can from them. You can get one energy drink per vending machine, which will leave you enough to buy both the music sheet and memory from the merchant. (The electric cable requires a different trading item).


Stray Vending Machine Locations

Stray pawing at a vending machine in the slums
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The first vending machine is near the entrance of the slums. Walk towards the Companion Rozey, who will be sitting watching TV. The Vending machine is on a balcony directly above him. You can jump up to the balcony by using the nearby crates and awnings as platforms

The next vending machine is opposite the musician Morusque, left of the Guardian in the main centre of the slums. The Guardian is the staff-wielding robot wearing the red cloak you first encounter during the slums questline.

Another vending machine can be found near the couch and TV lounge area on the rooftops. To access the rooftops, there are many access points, the easiest of which is on the side of the Super Spirit Laundry. Climb up the bins and AC units near here, to get to the roof. Whilst on the roof, you'll be able to see a red vending machine past the couch area.

The last working vending machine is located past Seamus' house, recognisable for the bright yellow glow of its outside lights. The vending machine here is notably placed next to the RIP humans graffiti, which is also one of the collectable B12 memories.

Now you should have the required four energy drinks to trade in with the merchant in return for a music sheet and hidden memory.

  • For a full rundown of all the memory locations in Stray, read our Stray memories guide.

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