Stray Mysterious Password: How To Get The Safe Code

Stray Mysterious Password: How To Get The Safe Code
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Kiera Mills


20th Jul 2022 15:46

During your exploration of the slums in Stray, you'll come across a safe hidden round the corner from the musician Morusque. This safe requires some exploration of the slums level in Stray to open and will yield one of the collectable music sheet pages. To learn how to grab the code for yourself, read on.

Stray Mysterious Password: How To Get

Safe code location in Stray
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The clue to the code is hidden at the bar, south of the Guardian Companion. The bar will have a pink neon sign outside and a Companion hanging by a vending machine.


Jump up on the bar and interact with the framed beach picture on the wall to the left (above the Dufer Beer sign).

The picture should drop to reveal the code, which is 1-2-8-3.

Now, travel to the safe (round the corner to the left of the Guardian) and input the code to get your reward.

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