How to get all Stellar Blade endings, including good & bad ones

How to get all Stellar Blade endings, including good & bad ones
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25th Apr 2024 13:00

Stellar Blade offers a great story with twists and turns and multiple endings for replayability. Over the course of the game, you will learn about two major factions, the Andro-Eidos and the Naytibas, and the ending you choose based on your decisions will decide their fate.

So, keep reading my guide as I explain how you can get all Stellar Blade endings, including good and bad ones.


The following guide will contain major spoilers for all possible endings of Stellar Blade. Proceed with caution.

How many endings are there in Stellar Blade? 

Stellar Blade Adam Elder Naytiba
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In Stellar Blade, players can get two endings based on their decision during the last mission EVE Protocol

When you arrive at the Elder Naytiba's location, you will find that Adam is the Elder Naytiba as he expresses his desire to save both Naytibas and the Andro-Eidos. 

Stellar Blade two endings
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After your talk with Adam, there are two choices:

  • Take Adam's Hand 
  • Do not take Adam's Hand

The above choices lead to two different endings and the final boss encounter in Stellar Blade. 

How to get the good ending

Stellar Blade good ending
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To get a good ending in Stellar Blade, you must honour Adam's heartfelt request to merge with him by choosing the 'Take Adam's Hand' option. Do not worry, as even after the merger, EVE has her consciousness. On top of that, she gets a new costume that better defines her as an "Angel." 

When you choose this ending, Mother Sphere will try to kill you by taking control of the nearby mech called Providence, the final boss for this ending.

Stellar Blade Eve's Angel form
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Once you defeat the boss, you will head outside and find Mother Sphere in the form of a child, talking about how you failed her. Right after that, she will unleash the army of airborne squad members, whom you must fight and defeat.

In this ending, you also get a post-credit scene where Lily uses the fourth and final Hyper Cell given by Adam before the merger to bring back Xion to its glory, with EVE looking over them with a happy face. 

How to get the bad ending

Stellar Blade bad ending
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To get the bad ending in Stellar Blade, you must choose the option, 'Do not take Adam's Hand.' By doing so, you proceed to fulfil your objective and become the person behind the extinction of real humans.  

In this ending, you will fight Adam. He has two phases: the first is the human form, where he doesn't attack you, and the second is the Elder Naytiba form, where the real battle begins. 

Once you kill Adam and head outside, Mother Sphere will congratulate you and ask you to return to the Colony. You take the ship, converse with Lily about asking Mother Sphere for answers, and the game ends. 

What rewards do you get for completing Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade Hard mode
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Completing Stellar Blade unlocks the Hard Mode difficulty and the Raven outfit. Apart from that, you unlock the following:

  • New Game+
  • Upgrade Enhancements 
  • New Skills

That sums up our guide on how to get all endings, including good and bad endings in Stellar Blade. We've also covered how to unlock all the trophies in the game, how to perform perfect parries and dodges, how to unlock Nano Suit outfit crafting, and how to unlock fast travel.

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