All 43 Stellar Blade Trophies & their unlock requirements

All 43 Stellar Blade Trophies & their unlock requirements
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Although the Trophies in Stellar Blade don't make for the most difficult PlayStation Platinum, the list of their unlock requirements may still leave your work cut out for you.

So you'll know exactly what sort of Platinum journey you have ahead of you, I've listed out every Stellar Blade Trophy along with what you'll need to do to unlock them all.

Spoiler Trophies

To avoid major story spoilers, we've blocked out both the names and those in the descriptions concerning all boss-based Trophies. 

I'll be updating this guide following the game's launch period.

All Trophies & their unlock requirements

The complete collection of 43 Stellar Blade Trophies, along with what you need to do to unlock them all, can be found in the table below, as confirmed by PowerPyx:

Trophy Unlock requirement Trophy type
EVE Protocol Acquired all trophies Platinum
Camp Preparation Activated the first Camp Bronze
[Boss Trophy #1] Defeated [first boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #2]  Defeated [second boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #3]  Defeated [third boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #4]  Defeated [fourth boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #5]  Retrieved the Hyper Cell from [fifth boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #6]  Defeated [sixth boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #7]  Defeated [seventh boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #8]  Defeated [eigth boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #9]  Defeated [ninth boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #10]  Retrieved the Hyper Cell from [tenth boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #11]  Defeated [11th boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #12]  Defeated [12th boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #13]  Defeated [13th boss] Bronze
[Boss Trophy #14]  Defeated [14th boss] Bronze
Return to the Colony Achieved Return to the Colony ending Gold
Cost of Lost Memories Achieved Cost of Lost Memories ending Gold
Making New Memories Achieved Making New Memories ending Gold
Can Collector Collected all cans Silver
Nano Suit Collector Acquired 30 Nano Suits Silver
Records Collector Collected 200 Data Bank entries (Memorysticks, Documents, or Passcodes) Silver
Lonely Fisherman Caught 20 different fish Silver
Box Hunter Opened 200 boxes Silver
Naytiba Researcher Got information on all Naytibas Silver
Meticulous Explorer Activated all Camps Silver
Perfect Exospine Enhanced 10 Exospines to their max Silver
Perfect Blood Edge Enhanced Blood Edge to its max Bronze
Perfect Rechargeable Tumbler Enhanced the Rechargeable Tumbler to its max Bronze
Perfect Physical Enhancement Enhanced HP to its max Bronze
Perfect Beta Energy Enhancement Enhanced Beta Energy to its max Bronze
Thorough Technician Learned all skills Bronze
Beyond Fate Completed Enya and Su’s story Silver
Sisterly Love Completed Kaya’s story Silver
Beep!  Completed D1G-g2r’s story Silver
Battlefield Martial Artist Perfect Dodged 200 enemy attacks Bronze
Agile Gladiator Perfect Parried 300 enemy attacks Bronze
Silent Executioner Defeated 50 enemies by execution Bronze
Naytiba Hunter Defeated 100 enemies with Beta Skills Bronze
Relentless Destroyer Defeated 50 enemies with Burst Skills Bronze
Revenging Agent Defeated 50 enemies in Tachy Mode Bronze
Cold-blooded Sniper Defeat 150 enemies with ranged attacks Bronze
Cruel Liberator Defeated 1,500 enemies Silver

Are there any difficulty Trophies?

Stellar Blade has no Trophies based on difficulty, instead being more focused on finding collectables, achieving three different endings, and maxing out gear like Exospines. This makes the Platinum Trophy more of a timesink than requiring proficient skill.

EVE and Tachy in Stellar Blade winning the first boss fight against the Brute
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How to find collectibles

Although the "Records Collector" Trophy's wording implies there are more than 200 collectables, it still may be an initial challenge to find all of the Data Bank entries you need.

To make this easier, you need to keep scanning areas with the DualSense with the touchpad as you proceed through each level. Along with the objective and enemy life signs, collectables in the immediate area can be spied on your viewpoint in the form of crates or human bodies.

Keep scanning throughout the game, and you'll find enough collectables in no time.

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