Stardew Valley Catfish: Location, Season, Uses, And How To Catch

Stardew Valley Catfish: Location, Season, Uses, And How To Catch
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4th Mar 2022 19:21

The Stardew Valley Catfish is a river fish that can be tricky to track down initially as it only spawns in rainy weather. However, it is well worth knowing where and when this fish appears as you’ll need it to complete the River Fish Bundle for the Fish Tank upgrade in the Stardew Valley Community Centre. To find out all there is to know about the Stardew Valley Catfish, read on.

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Stardew Valley Catfish Location

Stardew Valley Catfish location
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The Catfish can only be caught when its raining in the Spring and Fall seasons (it may be caught in Winter too if the Rain Totem is used). The fish can be caught all morning and night (6am-12am), in freshwater locations. That being the Lake opposite the Joja Mart, and the Lake south of Leah’s Cottage in Cindersap Forest.

Stardew Valley Catfish locations
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It can also be found in the Secret Woods and Witch’s Swamp in any season if it is raining, and if the player has unlocked these hidden locations.

The Rain Totem recipe (if needed) is given to the player when they achieve level 9 of the foraging skill. The ingredients are 1 Hardwood, 1 Truffle Oil, and 5 Pine Tar so an upgraded axe will be needed to collect the Hardwood.

Stardew Valley Catfish Tips

Stardew Valley Catfish tips
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The Catfish poses a moderate challenge to catch. The fishing bar can be slow to lock onto it, as a result some fishing tackles will be more useful than others to successfully get it.

The Trap Bobber is a type of tackle that is particularly useful as it slows down the rate of the fishing bar disappearing when you aren’t reeling the fish in. This gives you a precious few seconds to get the bar back on the fish before it escapes. It is unlocked at fishing level 6, and after unlocking can be purchased from Willy for 500g.

It is worth noting that tackles can only be equipped to Iridium Rods. These are also unlocked at fishing level 6 and sold afterwards for 7,500g from Willy.


Stardew Valley Catfish Gifts

Listed are the villager’s reactions to receiving the Catfish as a gift:




No villagers


Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian


Any who aren’t mentioned elsewhere in this list dislike the Catfish as a gift.


Evelyn, Haley, Pierre

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Stardew Valley Catfish: Fishpond

When placed in a Fishpond the Catfish will produce Roe and reproduce after every 4 days with a maximum capacity being ten. It is among the more common Roe which means it isn’t the most profitable choice to farm.

The Sturgeon is a more popular choice of Fish to farm in a Fishpond as it’s Roe can be used to produce Caviar, a higher value item. Catfish Roe, when added to a preserves jar, will produce Aged Roe.

Stardew Valley Catfish: Tailoring

When placed in the sewing machine, the Catfish can produce the Fish Shirt, which is a black shirt with the silhouette of a fish printed on it.

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