How to get Shellac in Skull and Bones

How to get Shellac in Skull and Bones
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16th Feb 2024 17:30

Shellac is a highly sought-after material in Skull and Bones, primarily because it's critical to crafting a variety of blueprints.

However, if you're just getting started in the game, you've probably never found any, as it's extremely rare to come across it in the areas directly surrounding Sainte-Anne. If you're short on Shellac, keep reading to learn how to get this elusive Specialised Material.

Where to find & how to get Shellac

For the most part, you'll find Shellac in the northeastern section of the map called the East Indies. More specifically, settlements controlled by the Dominion of Rempah. To stock up on Shellac quickly, venture across the dangerous Open Seas and plunder settlements under the rule of the Dominion of Rempah.

Finding Shellac in Skull and Bones
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Alternatively, boarding and defeating ships travelling along trade routes that pass through any Dominion of Rempah-controlled territory is another way to acquire Shellac. You can use the Spyglass to determine if a ship is carrying Shellac or not before opening fire on it.

Lastly, you can purchase this Specialised Material outright at select Rempah Traders. Visit a settlement or outpost in Rempah territory, and the Traders will usually have Shellac available. Their supply is limited, though, and you'll have to cough up Silver for it.

What is Shellac used for?

Trading for Shellac in Skull and Bones
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Classified as a Civilian Specialized Material, Shellac is a coating agent for wooden structures. Shellac is used to craft certain ships, ship weapons, and ship furniture. All the blueprints listed below call for Shellac:


  • Bombardier
  • Hullbreaker

Ship Weapons

  • Demi-Cannon IV
  • Bombard IV
  • Ballista II

Ship Furniture

  • Iron Capstan
  • Balanced Mast I
  • Leather Rope Grips I

You'll need other materials, too, but Shellac is a key ingredient in all of these blueprints.

So, if you want to upgrade your ship, ship weapons, and ship furniture in Skull and Bones, you'll need to acquire some Shellac. While you can purchase it peacefully with Silver, it costs nothing to let your inner pirate loose and steal it!

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