How to get Silver, Pieces of Eight, & Gold in Skull and Bones

How to get Silver, Pieces of Eight, & Gold in Skull and Bones
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19th Feb 2024 17:25


Money makes the world go round, and that idiom has never been truer than it is in Skull and Bones. There is a plethora of different currencies in Skull and Bones, and you'll need to collect them to purchase all the goods and services NPCs offer. With that, let's review how to get the game's three primary currencies: Silver, Pieces of Eight, and Gold.

How to get Silver

Completing a contract for Silver in Skull and Bones
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Silver is the central currency in Skull and Bones. Whether you're purchasing upgrades, cosmetics, or just simple repairs to your ship, you'll need Silver for almost everything in Skull and Bones.

Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to get Silver. One of the most obvious ways is by completing contracts. Contracts of all types award Silver.

If you prefer to chart your own course, you can gather Silver by plundering settlements and defeating and boarding ships. Living a pirate's life pays, so if you don't feel like earning Silver honestly, you can always steal it!

Exploring the world of Skull and Bones is another excellent way to collect Silver. Search the cargo of shipwrecks for Silver, and if you ever come across a treasure map, decipher it to locate the stashed valuables like Silver.

As you engage in all these activities, you'll amass a supply of commodities. Most commodities have no purpose, so you might as well sell them off for Silver. Visit Vendors until you find one willing to pay a fair price for your treasure!

How to get Pieces of Eight

Accepting an Order in Skull and Bones
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If you hope to trade on the Black Market in Skull and Bones, you'll need to acquire Pieces of Eight. This alternative currency is tied to completing Orders. Interact with the Order Registry in a Smuggler's Hideout to view available Orders.

A secondary way to get Pieces of Eight is to capture and claim Manufactories. Your Manufactories will produce Pieces of Eight, and you can visit them periodically to collect your profits.

Another option is to complete the limited-time Community Challenges that pop up on Ubisoft Connect. These challenges typically refresh weekly and grant Pieces of Eight.

How to get Gold

The in-game Store in Skull and Bones
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Gold is Skull and Bones' premium currency. You'll need to open your wallet to get Gold, but it's the only way to purchase the Battle Pass and the cosmetics in the in-game Store.

So, that's how you get the three main currencies in Skull and Bones. There are a couple of alternative currencies, like the Monstrous Tooth, but most goods and services can be bought with Silver, Pieces of Eight, and Gold!

Earning Silver and Pieces of Eight is easier with friends, and thanks to cross-progression, your currencies will carry over if you decide to swap platforms! For more on Ubisoft's latest action-adventure game, check out our Skull and Bones homepage at GGRecon.

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