How to get Acacia wood in Skull and Bones

How to get Acacia wood in Skull and Bones
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9th Feb 2024 14:34

One of the first tasks you're given in Skull and Bones is finding Acacia wood to build your first ship. However, it's not as simple as going somewhere and chopping down some trees.

Acacia is one of the many materials you can find in the world of Skull and Bones. If you're stuck on this portion of the game's quests, just read on and I'll explain everything you need to know about getting your hands on some Acacia.

Where to find Acacia Wood locations in Skull and Bones

A map of a location where Acacia can be found in Skull and Bones.
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There are numerous different places you can find Acacia in Skull and Bones. If you've just accepted the quest to get eight Acacia and bring it back to Sainte-Anne, you should have these locations marked on your map.

Simply open up your map and look for the little wood icon. If you hover over it, you should be able to confirm that it's the Acacia you're looking for. Then all you need to do is sail over there - you can even press the right stick on the map to place a marker to make it easier to navigate to.

How to harvest Acacia Wood in Skull and Bones

This is where things can get a bit confusing for new players. If you're like me, you might be expecting to find the Acacia on land where you can harvest it, but it's also found floating on the water near the locations marked on the map.

Just sail around and look for bits of wood floating on the water's surface. If you go near them you'll be prompted to loot the material.

Alternatively, you can directly harvest it if you have a saw, which requires you to do a small minigame. You'll need to left-click or press a button prompt when the bar reaches the green section - fail to time it right and you'll eventually be kicked out of the minigame.

Harvesting Acacia in Skull and Bones.
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I'm not sure if other players can loot the wood before you, but I travelled to a spot where Acacia was marked and I couldn't find any (there were lots of other players nearby). I left and went to a quieter spot where I could find it floating, but you may need to travel to multiple locations if you run out of Acacia in one spot.

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