How to get Monstrous Teeth in Skull and Bones

How to get Monstrous Teeth in Skull and Bones
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19th Feb 2024 17:26

Upon visiting the Sea People of Lanitra in Skull and Bones, you'll find they have an affinity for Monstrous Teeth. Vicious Sea Monsters terrorise the waters near Lanitra, and they pay handsome bounties to anyone who can bring back Monstrous Teeth as proof of the creatures' demise. 

With that, let's review where to find and how to get a Monstrous Tooth and what to do with Monstrous Teeth in the action-adventure game from Ubisoft.

Where to find and get Monstrous Teeth

Locations on the map where you can find Kuharibu
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As the name suggests, Monstrous Teeth are a drop from Sea Monsters that lurk in the Open Seas. Right now, the only Sea Monster you can encounter in Skull and Bones is the Kuharibu.

The easiest way to initiate a run-in with a Kuharibu is to begin the Side Contract: From the Deep. To start this Side Contract, speak with the Sea People Huntmaster at the Lanitra Outpost. This contract is repeatable, so you can return to the Sea People Huntmaster daily to spawn the Mosasaurus.

When the From the Deep Side Contract is active, you'll find a Kuharibu in the Western Basin, north-west of Ile Michel. A Kuharibu will always appear here if you've accepted From the Deep! 

Alternatively, you can find a Kuharibu by pursuing the rumours of a Strange Sighting titled Whispers of the Deep. Occasionally, while scanning your map, you'll notice a Strange Sighting called Whispers of the Deep pop up north-west of Lanitra. If you investigate, you'll come face to face with a Kuharibu.

A Kuharibu is no pushover, so ensure you're well-equipped before setting course for waters occupied by these beasts. Get your sea legs in Skull and Bones and furnish your ship with a first-class loadout. You may want to consider teaming with other pirates in co-op, too!

Every time you slay a Kuharibu, you'll receive a few Monstrous Teeth and some Monstrous Flesh you can use for Cooking. While the Kuharibu is the only Sea Monster you can find in Skull and Bones at present, Ubisoft plans to add more ways to get Monstrous Teeth. The Zamaharibu is expected to debut in Season 1 and offer players an opportunity to finally collect Monstrous Scales!

What are Monstrous Teeth used for?

Some of the items you can buy with Monstrous Teeth
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For the Sea People, a Monstrous Tooth is more valuable than Silver. The Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra sells some goods for Silver, but he also offers mystery chests, blueprints, and cosmetics solely in exchange for Monstrous Teeth.

Here's everything you can purchase with Monstrous Teeth:

Item Price
Mysterious Chest 50 Monstrous Teeth
Beast Hunter's Hat 15 Monstrous Teeth
Ocean King's Top 20 Monstrous Teeth
Escapist's Eyepatch 10 Monstrous Teeth
Wrappings of the Deep 10 Monstrous Teeth
Seascale Belt 10 Monstrous Teeth
Pants of Tumult 15 Monstrous Teeth
Sea Butcher's Boots 15 Monstrous Teeth
Mchuzi wa Kuharibu 10 Monstrous Teeth
Great Springald III 30 Monstrous Teeth
Ouroboros 50 Monstrous Teeth

You'll need additional Monstrous Teeth to craft the Great Springald III and Ouroboros, as the Sea People Huntmaster only sells the blueprints.

That's the basics of the sought-after Monstrous Tooth. Hunt Sea Monsters to accumulate Monstrous Teeth, then exchange them at Lanitra's Sea People Huntmaster to get some of the best cosmetics and blueprints in Skull and Bones.

For more tips and tricks on becoming a successful pirate, check out our Skull and Bones homepage at GGRecon!

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