Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Top Ten Rainbow Six Extraction Tips

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Top Ten Rainbow Six Extraction Tips
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Rainbow Six Extraction tips are a must for players diving into this aggressive co-op shooter. Rainbow Six Extraction switches out PvP for PvE, so you'll be pulling off some peak-hole headshots on aliens instead of human-controlled soldiers. But even if you are a fan of Rainbow Six Siege there are a lot of things to come to terms with in Extraction that might cost you time and XP before you come to grips with them. So to save you the hassle we've compiled a list of the 10 best Rainbow Six Extraction tips. Let's get tactical. 

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Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Take Things Slow

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: 3 operators sneak through a hallway.
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If you are a fan of shooters, it may take you some time to come to terms with the pacing of Extraction. Extraction can be a fast-paced game, but for the most part you want to be sneaking your way through hallways of Archaeans rather than blasting your way through them. Each incursion will have a timer but for the most part you'll never come close to running it out, so slow things down a bit. A single hit from an enemy can really hinder your chances to make it through all three subzones and extract. If you take your time, and think tactically about how to complete your objective you'll get a lot further. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Keep An Eye Out For Supplies

Rainbow Six Extraction tips: Doc using his supply.
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Keeping on the trend for preservation, the next Rainbow Six Extraction tip is about ensuring you are always stocked up. Quite often you can pick up elements like ammunition, health, REACT tech, and ability reloads for operators at the gates pushing on to the next subzone, but they are also scattered across the maps. Operators like IQ are great for spotting valuable supplies, and if you aren't in too much of a rush to leave, take a bit of time to go scavenging before pushing on to the next zone. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Coordinate Your Operators

Rainbow Six Extraction tips: coordinate your operators.
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As a unit of three, coordination is key. The next of our Rainbow Six Extraction tips is to keep on top of which operators you use. While no doubt useful, you shouldn't be partnering up two medics like Doc and Finka. Spread out your operators, so that you have a wide variety of offensive and defensive skills. And as a further to that, remember to use your abilities. It can be easy to forget to use your operator abilities, especially when things are heating up. But the abilities can really be the make or break of certain incursions. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Use Voice Chat

Rainbow Six Extraction tips: a team gathers their xp
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If you find yourself using matchmaking to fill your squad, we implore you to use voice chat. While we are aware jumping on comms with randoms can be an anxious matter, playing this game without comms infinitely increases your chances of failure, as operators stray from the chosen path, don't call out for needed assistance, and can't make coordinated attacks. Using comms will ensure that you work together as a cohesive and coordinated squad, enabling you to get in and out without so much as a scratch. 

Rainbow Six Extraction: Watch Out For Blinding Spores

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Hit The Yellow Balls
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Our next Rainbow Six Extraction tip will save you a lot of agony. From time to time a collection of yellow Blinding Spore can be seen attached to various surfaces. Get too close, and they will latch onto an operator. They might not seem like much to start, but eventually they will burst causing a small amount of damage, but more importantly, making you effectively blind for close to ten seconds. This can have utterly fatal consequences, so if you see these things on a teammate, approach them and melee them off. You won't have to be exact, but be swift if you can. You can always tell if they are stuck on you as yellow marks will cover the bottom of your view, but you aren't able to remove these yourself. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Melee The Nests

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Melee The Nests
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You'll become all too familiar with Archaean nests when exploring the incursion zones, and you'll want to destroy them as soon as you can. However, our Rainbow Six Extraction tip is to try and avoid shooting them when you can. If in a pinch sure, as it will still stop any additional Archaeans from joining your ever-growing list of problems. However, approaching a nest for a melee is a two-birds-one-stone kind of deal as it will destroy both the nest and the surrounding black goo which slows you down. On top of this you will get a few extra points to boost your operator that bit further. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Shoot The Sprawl

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Shoot teh black goo.
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Our next Rainbow Six Extraction tip is really tied to the last as it also pertains to the horrendous black goo, the Sprawl. You can melee the black goo to clear small areas, but it is a slow and tedious process. Instead, firing shots to the ground clears the area much quicker, especially if you are rapidly firing your pistols or submachine guns. If you are on the run, shoot as you go to ensure you can keep moving along swiftly, and when taking part in a stationary mission objective clear the surrounding area quickly before getting into it. 

Rainbow Six Extraction: Remember The Objective

Rainbow Six Extraction tips: An operators pulls an encrusted operator from a tree of arms.
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Mentioning the objective brings us onto the next of our Rainbow Six Extraction tips. The objective is the only reason you are in the incursion zone so outside of our tip to scavenge for replies, there is no need to hang around. Push forward to complete the objective as soon as you can, because until then you just run the risk of being taken out or damaged by roaming Archaeans. And with health, ammo, and abilities not replenishing without pick-ups, you'll just burn through your resources on an enemy that won't stop coming until you've completed the task at hand. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Learn The Weak Spots

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Find the weak spots.
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While we advocate a slow playstyle for our earlier Rainbow Six Extraction tip, the next is all about speed and efficiency. Archaeans come in all different shapes and sizes, and as such have varying weak spots. Most are self-explanatory and will go down with a swift bullet to the head. However, others like the Smasher are protected by seemingly impenetrable armour. While we aren't going through them all here, learning the weak spots is essential to take out enemies as quickly as possible, which is of the utmost priority considering how easy it is to be overrun. Keep an eye out for slightly red glowing areas and take your shot. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Don't Be Afraid To Extract

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips: Extract
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It's in the title of the game, so really it should be obvious, but don't be afraid to extract from a mission. While the XP returns can be minimal from an extraction on the first or second run with failed objectives, it is always better to return with something than to lose out from an MIA operator. A game over state will always cost you, and you'll have to go back to get your operator to save yourself from a massive operator XP reduction. If things are going downhill, and you still have the opportunity to slip away, get yourself out of there. 

That's all of our Rainbow Six Extraction tips, so go out there and kill some Archaeans. And see how you can get your friends involved for free with our Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass guide. 


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