How to create & join a guild in Palworld

How to create & join a guild in Palworld
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22nd Jan 2024 16:28


If you want to play Palworld with your friends, you're going to need a guild. Without a guild, you can't share equipment or Pals with your buddies, even if you're playing on the same Palworld server.

With that said, let's review how to create and join guilds and the benefits of being in a guild in the action-adventure survival game from Pocketpair.

How to create a guild in Palworld

When you join a server on Palworld, you'll automatically inherit an unnamed guild all to yourself. You can open the menu and navigate to the Guild tab to view information about your guild and rename it.

A guild in Palworld
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How to invite players to your guild

Unfortunately, as Guild Master, you can't directly invite others to your guild; the only way they can join is to send you a request. However, you can kick unruly members out or promote another Pal Tamer to Guild Master.

Guilds can host a maximum of 20 members, so if you're in a dedicated server that holds up to 32 Pal Tamers at a time, you may need to pick and choose who you allow into your alliance!

How to join another player's guild

Requesting to join a guild in Palworld
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To join a guild, approach a Pal Tamer on your server from another guild and hold the interact key/button to send a join request. If you're using a mouse and keyboard, you'll want to hold F by default, while controller players should hold X. This'll send a notification to the other player, prompting them to accept or deny your request.

When joining a guild, it's important to note that you must dismantle your existing base. You can't combine guilds, and you can't join a guild if you already established a base. Destroy your Palbox, and you'll be able to reapply.

Benefits of being in a guild

Joining a guild allows you to play Palworld seamlessly with the guild's members, as you all share the same base. You can access the same Chests and share resources, trade Pals via the Palbox, and even earn EXP together for completing various tasks.

If you're concerned about inner-guild thievery, use the in-game security settings to set a passcode to your Chest or lock potential saboteurs out of your personal house. Sadly, you can't secure your Palbox, so there isn't a way to stop bad actors from stealing Pals working on the base.

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Overall, joining a guild in Palworld has many benefits. There are features to keep your stuff safe from thieves, too, but you might still want to vet who you allow in your guild anyway.

Check out our Palworld homepage for more Palworld news and guides, like how Multiplayer and co-op work or the best starter Pals to catch.

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