Overwatch 2 New Cosmetic Types Explained

Overwatch 2 New Cosmetic Types Explained
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Hritwik Raj


3rd Oct 2022 10:11

Overwatch 2 includes plenty of new cosmetic items for players to unlock, but what do they all look like? The latest iteration in the Overwatch franchise, Overwatch 2, is a free-to-play title, unlike its predecessor, that heavily relies on microtransactions. And with that, we see the addition of quite a few new cosmetic types that players will be seeing for the first time in Overwatch 2 other than the character skins, emotes, and similar cosmetic options that the first game offered. So, if you plan on playing the game this guide is for you as we explain Overwatch 2's new cosmetic types. 

Overwatch 2 New Cosmetic Types Explained

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Blizzard has added some of the most popular cosmetic types, like Weapon Charms, Name Cards, and Player Titles, that we have seen in many live-service games like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, and others to Overwatch 2. There's also a unique cosmetic type called Souvenirs.  

Three of the four new cosmetic types we are getting with Overwatch 2 are self-explanatory, except for Souvenirs. 


What Are Souvenirs In Overwatch 2?

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Souvenirs are unique items and projections you can equip on a character and use during matches using the emote wheel to complement your team, taunt other teams, and for other creative reasons that you will find while playing Overwatch 2

At launch, Overwatch 2 offers ten Souvenirs that you can unlock by levelling the Season 1 battle pass and another method that is still unknown. That said, it is one of the unique cosmetics we will see players use a lot during matches while playing Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 New Cosmetic Types: Weapon Charms 

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Weapon Charms are another new cosmetic addition coming to Overwatch 2. As the name suggests, players can unlock and equip a variety of weapon charms on a character's weapon to give it a more personal touch. Similar to Souvenirs, once you unlock Weapon Charms in Overwatch 2, you can equip it on any hero weapon. 

Overwatch 2 New Cosmetic Types: Name Card

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If you hated Overwatch's simple, blue Career Profile menu, then the Name Card cosmetic is for you. You can unlock and use different Name Cards to add a banner on top of your Career Profile while adding a distinct colour theme to the menu to give it a unique look, as per your preference.

If you are a new player who doesn't know about the Career Profile menu, it is a menu where you can see a player's progression, stats, achievements, and a detailed look at what heroes they use, their in-game hours, their top played modes, and other such things. 

Overwatch 2 New Cosmetic Types: Player Titles

Titles are another new cosmetic addition in Overwatch 2 that allows you to have a second name that suits your playstyle, role, performance, and other facets, and most importantly, your liking. You can equip a title to add a secondary name to your Career Profile, giving players an extra customization option. That said, you can unlock new Player Titles by simply playing the game and achieving certain feats. 

How To Unlock New Cosmetics In Overwatch 2

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So far, you can unlock new cosmetics like Souvenirs, Weapon Charms, character skins, and other things in Overwatch 2 by reaching a specific Tier with the Season battle pass and via Twitch Drops.

This concludes our guide on Overwatch 2 new cosmetic types explained. For more Overwatch 2 guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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