How To Get Overwatch Coins For Free In Overwatch 2

How To Get Overwatch Coins For Free In Overwatch 2
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4th Oct 2022 09:50

If you want to know how to get Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2, you are in the right place. Overwatch 2 has switched to the free-to-play model, with the primary source of revenue being microtransactions associated with the game's premium currency, Overwatch Coins. Being a premium currency, players can use Overwatch Coins to buy Premium Battle Pass, its different tiers, and other things. Thankfully, apart from buying Overwatch Coin packs using real money, there's a method to earn the said currency for free. Continue reading our guide to learn how to get Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2

How To Get Overwatch Coins For Free In Overwatch 2

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In Overwatch 2, you can get the premium currency, Overwatch Coins, for free by completing the Weekly challenges. Completing all Weekly challenges for a given week can net you 60 Overwatch Coins. This means, in a month, you can get around 240 Overwatch Coins. And considering the fact that a Season in Overwatch 2 is around 72 days long, you can earn a total of 540 Overwatch Coins utterly free in a Season of Overwatch 2. 


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Image Credit - Stylosa / Blizzard Entertainment

Here is a breakdown of how many Overwatch Coins you earn for completing a specific number of Weekly challenges in Overwatch 2:

  • Complete four weekly challenges - Reward: 30 Overwatch Coins
  • Complete eight weekly challenges - Reward: 20 Overwatch Coins
  • Complete eleven weekly challenges - Reward: 10 Overwatch Coins

So far, this is the only free method of earning Overwatch Coins in Overwatch 2. Unlike other games, even if you own the premium version of the Battle Pass, you won't get Overwatch Coins in it as a Tier reward. At least, that is what we saw with the pre-release build of Overwatch 2.

How Much Overwatch Coins You Need To Unlock Premium Battle Pass In Overwatch 2

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You need 1000 Overwatch Coins to unlock the premium version of Overwatch 2's Battle Pass. So if you don't want to indulge in microtransactions, you can get the battle pass for free by accumulating 1000 Overwatch Coins throughout two Seasons. 

How Many Tiers Are There In Overwatch 2 Battle Pass

There are a total of 80 tiers in Overwatch 2's Battle Pass that you can unlock over the course of 72 days. To level up a single tier of the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, you need 10,000 EXP points that you can earn using Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal challenges. 

Can You Buy Battle Pass Tiers In Overwatch 2

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Yes! You can buy Battle Pass tiers using Overwatch Coins. A single tier will cost 200 Overwatch Coins, and if you plan on purchasing all eighty tiers, you must pay 15,800 Overwatch Coins. 

This concludes our guide on how to get Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2. For more on Overwatch 2, keep reading GGRecon.

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