How to watch Nintendo Direct (September 2023): Start date, time & what to expect

How to watch Nintendo Direct (September 2023): Start date, time & what to expect
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13th Sep 2023 16:07

A new Nintendo Direct for September 2023 is on the way, so you’re going to want to know what you can expect from it and what time you’ll be able to watch it. Well, have no fear, because we’re here to keep you in the know.

The reveal of an upcoming Nintendo Direct is always an exciting time, as the likelihood of new games and updates on previously announced games is sure to keep everyone on tenterhooks. So, read on for all the information you will need for this Nintendo Direct coming up fast.

When is the Nintendo Direct in September 2023?

The September 2023 direct is going to be live-streamed on September 14, 2023. This means, at the time of writing, it is only a day away. The live stream can be viewed by following the link to the Nintendo site and via their official channels.

Below, we’ve broken down several time zones you can expect to tune in to the Nintendo Direct this September:

Time Zone

Date & Time

Pacific Time (PT)

September 14, 7 AM

Central Time (CT)

September 14, 9 AM

Eastern Time (ET)

September 14, 10 AM

UK Time (BST)

September 14, 3 PM

Central Europe (CEST)

September 14, 4 PM

Japan Time (JST)

September 14, 11 PM

What to expect from the Nintendo Direct

Donkey Kong, one of Nintendo's most beloved mascots who could very well appear at the next Direct
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While there is no specific information about games we can expect to see in the September 2023 Nintendo Direct, the tweet announcing it revealed that it will run for roughly 40 minutes and focus on titles released this winter.

While there has been growing talk of the so-called Switch 2, it's not likely we’ll see anything related to the next generation of Nintendo hardware.

However, there is a possibility of players seeing Gotham Knights heading to the Nintendo Switch, and this Direct may be the perfect time to reveal it. Only time will tell, and we’ll just have to tune in to find out.

That’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Direct in September 2023. There are bound to be plenty of exciting reveals, so be sure to tune in, and keep an eye out for our Guides homepage for all the information you’ll need.

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