Fable release window, trailers, gameplay & platforms

Fable release window, trailers, gameplay & platforms
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Coming from a wildly different type of developer this time around, Fable's reboot is on the horizon, and we're starting to learn more and see more as the game approaches its upcoming release.

But what do we know about Fable 4 so far? The few trailers we've seen haven't told us a whole lot about the gameplay and story, but there's enough so that we can make some educated guesses about what it'll be like.

Is there a Fable release window?

the Fable release window
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The most recent trailer for Fable revealed it has a release window of 2025. There's no further information on when in the year we can expect to play the game, but more information will be revealed as get closer.

All trailers so far

Fable was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020. It was accompanied by a colourful trailer that screamed fantasy, complete with tales of magic, a fairy-eating toad, and a vibrant voice-over from English actor Simon Callow.

The trailer didn't give any indication about gameplay but it did give an idea about Fable 4's potential style and that it was being developed by Playground Games.

The next trailer, shown at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2023, showed British comedian Richard Ayoade as a giant tackling a new hero. While no gameplay was shown, the footage was in-engine, which hints at how the full gameplay may look.

The latest trailer for Fable was the release window trailer that debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase in June 2024. It consisted of exclusively in-game footage and showed off some gameplay, including town exploration, talking to NPCs, and combat (though without the UI elements that will be in the final game).

The trailer also helped us learn a little more about the game's story. It's narrated by a retired hero called Humphrey (played by Matt King) who talks about taking the protagonist under his wing before she shows up to his home at the end.

What do we know about gameplay?

bow combat in Fable
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There aren't much explicit gameplay details yet, but we know that Fable is a third-person action role-playing game, similar to the other titles in the franchise.

Based on the narration in the most recent trailer, we know it was also return players to the land of Albion.

From what little gameplay we've seen, we know that the protagonist can use both melee and ranged weapons, such as a bow and arrow, and even catch and throw crossbow bolts back at enemies.

There also seems to be a magic system, with one shot showing her suspending monsters in the air by stomping on the floor.

All platforms

Fable is confirmed to be releasing on Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms. It will also be available on day one on Game Pass.

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