Switch 2 game lineup possibly leaked

Switch 2 game lineup possibly leaked
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8th Sep 2023 10:44

Much like the existence of GTA 6 or a third The Last of Us, the eventual reveal of the Nintendo Switch 2 likely won't come as much of a surprise to anyone. For years, we've seen supposed specs and heard whispers about a Switch Pro/Switch 2, and while Nintendo is yet to lift the curtain, the evidence mounts.

While we'd once buried our hopes of the Switch 2, a loyal legion of gamers have kept digging. The Switch 2 missed a seemingly money-making window of launching alongside Tears of the Kingdom, but with fresh leaks pointing to a Christmas 2024 release, we're closer than ever to seeing what's next from the Mario overlords.

Switch 2 games reportedly shown at Gamescom

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai flying
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Looking at how the OG Switch launched with flagship titles like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it's safe to assume some major Nintendo icons will be finding new titles on the Switch 2. The problem is, we just had Tears of the Kingdom, so a full-blown Zelda seems unlikely.

According to Eurogamer, select outlets were shown a number of Switch 2 game demos at Gamescom, with a souped-up version of Tears being debuted. The site makes clear this doesn't necessarily hint at a re-release, but instead, it can simply run the 2023 title better on the Switch 2.

Elsewhere, VGC claims that the Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo also showed off the grunt of the Switch 2. Given that this could melt your average PC and would almost certainly fire the original Switch into the Sun, it would be impressive if Nintendo's latest addition could handle such new-gen tech.

These demos reportedly highlighted potential Nvidia DLSS upscaling technology and advanced ray tracing enabled, but be warned, it's still thought to be a step back from the prowess of the PS5 and Xbox Series. We've repeatedly heard the Switch 2 would be akin to the PS4 and Xbox One. Still, we'll take it.

What do we know about the Switch 2?

Unfortunately, everything we know about the Switch 2 is all hearsay. Take-Two Interactive's Strauss Zelnick bizarrely teased the console's existence when he waxed lyrical on backward compatibility. Nintendo also hinted at how it can port its 98 million annual players over to what comes next.

We've heard plenty about a Mario Odyssey sequel launching alongside the Switch 2, which, to be honest, makes the most sense. Looking ahead to next year, Nintendo has a Luigi's Mansion 2 port, a new Princess Peach game, and hopes of Metroid Prime 4, but will any of them launch on the Switch 2?

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