New World Season 1: Release Date, Season Pass Explained, And More

New World Season 1: Release Date, Season Pass Explained, And More
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22nd Feb 2023 16:00


The New World Seasons update is set to be the next major addition coming to the MMORPG, adding a bunch of new content and setting the stage for other content to be introduced more frequently.

New World is an MMO set in a world where a fantasy continent was discovered during the European expeditions to the Americas. It contains many of the features and ideas you would expect of an MMO, with a particular focus on resource collecting and crafting.

So, if you're enjoying New World or want to jump in again soon, check out all the new stuff being added with New World Seasons.

New World Season 1 Release Date

New World Season Explained
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Starting on March 28, New World will begin a seasonal content approach with season one - Fellowship & Fire. In general, the upcoming season and future seasons will bring new features, gameplay experiences, and content to the game, with one of the biggest additions being the season pass.

New World Season Pass

The New World season pass will work in a similar way to other games with seasonal approaches, meaning it will provide a way for players to earn new cosmetics and loot until it runs out, and a new one is added.

The season pass will contain both a free and premium track, both containing 100 tiers of rewards, ranging from new skins, to emotes, and also important resources and loot. The free pass is of course open to everyone, while the premium track can be purchased by anyone over level 25 for 20,000 Marks of Fortune.

Levelling up the season pass can be done by the Season Journey feature, which is a chapter-based story for tracking your season progress, featuring unique quests and tasks for each chapter.

Special challenges are available for big XP rewards, and the Activity Stamp card has been added for players to gain further rewards by completing specific activities each day. Standard content like quests, faction missions, projects, expeditions, and PvP will also contribute toward the season pass.

New World New Story

With New World seasons, there will also be new narratives each season, starting with The Silver Crows. This story will allow you to assemble an elite team of mercenaries to help a client called Skye the Spear-daughter confront a powerful Warlock.

With this new story also comes a new level 60+ expedition called Empyrean Forge. Set in the Great Cleave region, it sees you team up with Sir Loth, Knight of Artorius to stop the flow of a mysterious magic deep within a Necropolis.

There are also changes to existing narratives, with the Weaver's Fen and Brightwood main story quest receiving a revamp based on player feedback. This will change up the starting experience of the game to be more varied, while also containing some new surprises.

New World New Features

A brand-new Heartgem is set to be added, granting users the Fire Storm ability. This powerful spell lets you create a tornado that damages all targets in the path.

Gear Set storage is also a new quality-of-life feature, letting you quickly swap gear for expeditions. After reaching level 25, players can store and swap between gear sets, with additional slots being earned from the season pass.

New World Seasonal Events

With a seasonal approach to content, there is also a chance for more events to take place, with three currently in the pipeline for this first season.

Rabbit's Revenge is the first, where players can hunt down corrupted rabbits across Aeternum to gain exclusive rewards.

Springtime Bloom is the second of the events, where players will need to help the Bloom Herald unravel the mysteries of the Wispybloom plant, rewarding you with Spring-themed items.

Lastly, there is Fury of the Spriggan, where you can come across open-world encounters to defeat Dryads and Spriggans daily for special rewards.

That's all for our explainer of New World Seasons, and now you know how the game will change from March 28 with the new seasonal approach, including all the new content which will be added.

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