New World Briar Branches Locations: Where To Find Briar Bushes

New World Briar Branches Locations: Where To Find Briar Bushes
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Finding New World Briar Branches is essential for completing the A Prickly Request quest. Although Briar Branches have no purpose outside of the quest in New World, other resources that are gathered alongside them are used to craft potions and other items. If you're struggling to find New World Briar Branches, this guide has everything you need to know.

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New World Briar Branches Locations

Briar Branches are a required item for the A Prickly Request quest, which is given to players by Barkeep Cormack in Windsward. The quest also requires the player to find Skinned Rabbits and Plucked Turkeys.

Finding Briar Branches can be tricky as they don't show up in many locations in New World. But, they are typically found by harvesting Briars that are found near water. Briars are thorny bushes that can be hard to find due to the textures looking very similar to regular bushes, except they look more prickly. 

New World Briar Bush
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The best way to find a Briar is to open your map by pressing M and search for the closest body of water, which can be identified by its blue colour on the map. The most logical place to go after receiving the quest is directly west of Windsward as a river isn't too far away from the settlement.

Head to the water and walk around the surrounding area until your find a Briar bush. By harvesting the Briar, which you can do by pressing E, you will receive 2 Briar Branches, meaning you need to harvest 4 in total to give the required 8 for the quest. 

New World Briar Bush Map
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An earlier place to find Briar Bushes is at Arcturus, which can be found northeast of Everfall and is a fortress surrounded by water. Surrounded the water is a bunch of Briar Bushes, which makes finding the Briar Buds and Thorny Vines very easy to come across early on. If you don't have the A Prickly Request quest active at the time you won't harvest Briar Branches, but with them serving no purpose outside of the quest it doesn't really matter. 

New World Briar Branches: Weak Mana Potions

While the Briar Branches have no use outside of the A Prickly Request quest, while harvesting the Briar you will also receive Briar Buds and Thorny Vines. These can be used to craft a Weak Mana Potion. Being a weak potion it doesn't restore much mana, but as your inventory will be full of Briar Buds and Thorny Vines, it seems like a waste not to put them to use, and it will increase your crafting skill too. 

New World Weak Mana Potion Crafting
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To create a Weak Mana Potion, you need to use 1 Briar Bud, and 1 water. Water can be acquired from any body of water, such as the one next to where you found the Briar Bushes. Go into the water and press E and you will collect the water and add it to your inventory. Weak Mana Potions can be used to restore a small portion of your Mana, which is your magic bar, which is used for various weapons such as a Fire Staff.

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