New World Rivercress Stem Locations: How To Complete Weakness Of The Ego

New World Rivercress Stem Locations: How To Complete Weakness Of The Ego
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New World Rivercress Stem is an important item for the Weakness of the Ego quest, alongside New World petalcaps. You can acquire Rivercress Stems by harvesting Rivercress, but they can be difficult to find as they only spawn in a select few locations on the map in New World and much less frequently than standard bushes. But don't worry, this guide has everything you need to know about New World Rivercress Stems and how to find them.

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New World Rivercress Stem Locations

New World Craft Sickle
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Rivercress Stem is one of the items needed for the Weakness of the Ego quest. You can acquire the item by harvesting Rivercress, but you need to ensure you have a Sickle, which you can craft at the Workshop by using 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood, and your harvesting skill is level 30 or above. Rivercress is described in-game as a Magical Plant and is blue in appearance, with a mystical, and is commonly found near bodies of water in Everfall and Windsward. Here are some locations where we've been successful in finding it. 

  • Most bodies of water in the Windsward region
  • Nyhart's Anchorage
  • The lake that can be found southeast of Valor Hold (the location where you begin the quest)
  • West of the town Greenhaven
  • Milberry Hill's fishing spot
  • Riverseat
  • Most Broad Fishing Hotspots

When you harvest Rivercress you will also receive a Rivercress Leaf and Rivercress Flower alongside the Rivercress Stem that you need for the quest. There is also a chance you will acquire a Water Mote too, which you'll be able to use to craft Water Reagents, and Water Arcana items at the Arcane Repository

New World Rivercress Stem: Weakness Of The Ego & Other Uses

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To begin the Weakness of the Ego quest, you need to speak to Adiana Theron who can be found at Valor Hold, a settlement for the Edengrove region. You will be tasked with finding Water, Petalcaps, and Rivercress Stem. Water can be found by going to any Fresh Water location and pressing E, while the guide on petalcaps is linked near the top of this guide. So that leaves Rivercress Stem. Outside of this quest, Rivercress Stem appears to have no other uses, so you likely won't harvest it from Rivercress outside of when this quest is active. But, as mentioned earlier, Rivercress does give Rivercress Leaf and Rivercress Flowers, so it's worth harvesting.

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