How to get Iron Ore in New World

How to get Iron Ore in New World
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Finding New World Iron Ore is crucial if you hope to craft a lot of the better gear in the game and level up your character. Plenty of the tasks you'll do are very therapeutic, such as chopping down trees and mining iron veins for Iron Ore, which you can then turn into Iron Ingots for your New World character. If you're not sure where to find the best New World Iron Ore locations or how to make Iron Ingots, this guide has everything you need to know.

Where can you find Iron Ore in New World?

New World Midnight Den Iron Ore Mining In Game
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Iron Ore is a material that you will find yourself harvesting frequently as it can be used to craft a lot of items. Thankfully, it is very plentiful to find and you don't need to earn a specific stat beforehand, meaning you can start farming it as soon as you gain a pickaxe either through finding one during natural playtime or by crafting one.

Iron Ore can be found primarily in the Highlands, which are the brown areas on the map, with the earliest area being northeast of Everfall, a settlement that you travel to after the first few early quests in the game.

Here are all of the Iron Ore locations we've found:


New World Midnight Den Iron Ore Map Location
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In the Midnight Den that can be found east of Everfall. There is an abundance of Gold, Silver, and Iron in the cave, as well as Iron Veins that can be found throughout the forest area. It can be difficult to spot them when you've just started playing as they look similar to boulders, but can be identified by them being much darker in colour. Midnight Den is inhabited by level six Midnight and Brown Wolfs, so ensure you're above this level before venturing in so they won't be an issue.

The Canary Mine has plenty of Iron Ore inside the cave on the cliff on the outskirts of the area. Canary Mine has level 15 corrupted mobs in it, so you will have to play for a few hours before you're strong enough to take them on.

North of Everfall is the Meadow Lake Fishery, there are several Iron Ore location to be found here. But the enemies are level 18 Lost mobs, so this could prove a tricky place to mine it during the early game.

First Light

First Light can be found in the southern region of the map and is a great area to find Iron Ore, especially if you've spent some time levelling up. Here are the locations that you can find Iron Ore at First Light.

There is a quest in the game which sees you head to Nyhart's Anchorage. Northeast of this location is several Iron Ore spots that can be mined.

Plenty of Iron Ore can be found at Graymane Burrow, which can be tackled quite quickly as the enemies are level 14, meaning it should only take around 3-5 hours of gameplay to be strong enough to head here.

Finally, next to Brigand Bastion is a lot of Iron Ore, this is probably one of the best places to find it in large quantities. But, the enemies here are level 24, meaning it may be a while before you are able to venture there without being killed by an enemy.

It is worth noting that Iron Ore veins respawn after 10-15 minutes, meaning that if you find an area with a lot of it, such as Brigand Bastion, you can just keep looping around the area as it will be close to respawning by the time you're done.

How to make iron ingots

Iron Ore is needed to craft a variety of different weapons and armour. This is done by heading to smelting stations that can be found in most settlements and towns, such as Everfall.

New World Everfall Smelting Station
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In order to craft weapons and armour from your newly acquired Iron Ore, you need to smelt it into Iron Ingots. Each Iron Ingot takes four Iron Ore to create.

New World Smelting Station Iron Ingot
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Once you have your Iron Ingots, head over to the Forge, which can usually be found right next to the Smelting Station. From here you can craft the following weapons and armour.

  • Iron Great Axe
  • Iron War Hammer
  • Iron Spear
  • Iron Rapier
  • Iron Hatchet
  • Iron Round Shield
  • Iron Longsword
  • Iron Plate Greaves
  • Iron Plate Helm
  • Iron Plate Boots
  • Iron Plate Breastplate
  • Iron Plate Gauntlets

New World Forge Iron Crafting
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In order to craft them, you will also need other items too, for weapons this is Timber and Coarse Leather, while for Armour you will need Coarse Leather and Linen.

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