How to find & catch snails in New World

How to find & catch snails in New World
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Many players are currently struggling to find New World snails, with the in-game instructions not being very clear. This can lead to minutes, or even hours, lost while fishing in the completely wrong locations. Snails are a needed resource for crafting food in New World, as well as being related to some quests in the game. If you're unsure where to find snails in New World, this guide has everything you need to know.

Where can you find snails in New World?

To find snails, you need to fish for them, which is perhaps confusing for some players due to most of us seeing snails in real life on land. But, many snails can be found in water and these are the ones that are in New World. However, just because snails are found in water it doesn't mean they are found in any body of water.

New World First Light Broad Fishing Hotspot Location Map
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Many players have reported finding them in most rivers and ponds, which seems to be the most common places that you will find them. A user on the New World Fandom website reported that they had luck inside a First Light Hotspot that can be found under the "RR" in the words Millberry Hills on the map, also noting it is a safe spot and free of enemies.

Where we've had some success is at the Broad Fishing Hotspot that can be found north-west of the First Light Settlement, as well as the river that can be found west of Grenville at the Primrose landmark. The Grenville spot is a 3-star fishing hotspot, which should help in finding the elusive Aquatic Snail. There appear to be many places where you can find them, it is more about choosing your Fresh Water spot and trying your luck. You may be able to find New World briar branches nearby too.

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How can you catch snails?

Catching snails in New World is very easy. You simply need to use the Fishing Pole and then just wait until one is caught. Aquatic Snails will also net you 125 XP which is good considering harvesting most resources and many enemies give significantly less XP. So if you can get lucky and RNG is on your side, you will be able to farm XP very quickly while fishing for snails. They can range from 0.00-0.99 lb and can come in sizes of 3.01-4.98 inches. 

New World Fishing Snails
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Along with receiving an Aquatic Snail for your efforts, you will also earn 2-4 Snail Bait and 1 Snail Slime. The in-game description states that Snail Bait "Gives a medium boost to the chance of catching bigger fish in saltwater", while Snail Slime is an ingredient used in crafting Tier 3 Magical Reagents, so at least you get some added benefits from catching them.

What bait and fishing line should you use to catch snails?

It is unclear as to whether a specific Fishing Pole or bait increases the chances of finding Snails, but anecdotal evidence is that you need no bait; we caught one after about three or four tries. It could be a lucky coincidence, or they actually aren't needed whatsoever. It does prove, however, that you don't need to spend time agonizing over the perfect items to catch the Snail, because it's possible with the common Wooden Fishing Pole and no bait.

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How to craft a fishing pole in New World

New World Fishing Pole Craft
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In order to catch snails, you are going to need a Fishing Pole. The easiest Fishing Pole to craft is the Wooden Fishing Pole, which can be crafted using 1 Green Wood, which is found by harvesting trees and bushes, and 1 Fiber, which can be found by harvesting Hemp. Hemp bushes are identified by their purple flowers at the top of them.

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