New World Petalcap Locations: Where To Find Petal Caps For Weakness Of The Ego

New World Petalcap Locations: Where To Find Petal Caps For Weakness Of The Ego
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New World Petalcaps are a required resource to farm if you want to do any form of potion brewing, and you also need them for the Weakness of the Ego quest. The problem is that they're quite hard to find, because they spawn much less frequently than standard bushes in New World, and there are specific areas you need to search in. The New World Petalcaps are actually found by harvesting a plant called a Fronded Petalcap, and this guide has everything you need to know. Just don't try and name your character after Amazon's big boss man.

If you're looking for New World briar branches or New World iron ore, we've got you covered on both fronts.

New World Petalcaps: Where To Find Fronded Petalcap Locations

New World petalcaps locations
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Petalcaps in New World are incredibly annoying to find, but there is one guaranteed location you can head to; First Light. This starter region has a river running through the northern border with Windsward. If you go to the spot where the river enters Windsward, north of Nyhart's Anchorage, you can find some New World Petalcaps here. Head east along the border, and you may be able to find some more.

Spawning near water is the most common area place to find Fronded Petalcaps in New World, so if you're not having any luck with the above, try hunting near some other rivers. Alternatively, there are a couple of other Petalcap locations here:

  • Windsward Village western pond
  • Cooper's Ranch forest
  • North-west of Windsward Village

Don't forget that to harvest Fronded Petalcaps, you need a sickle equipped in your tools.

New World Petalcaps: Weakness Of The Ego Quest & Other Uses

Alongside Fronded Petalcaps in the Weakness of the Ego quest, you also need to obtain Water and Rivercress Stem. This presents its own problem; to obtain Rivercress Stem, you need to be at least level 30 in harvesting.

When it comes to other uses for Petalcaps, it all comes down to potion brewing. Both the Infused and Powerful Focus Potions make use of Petalcaps, as do Corruption Tinctures. The Green Pigment you acquire from harvesting Fronded Petalcaps can also be used for green dye, as a bonus.

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