My Time At Sandrock Grinder: How To Unlock, Uses

My Time At Sandrock Grinder: How To Unlock, Uses
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1st Jun 2022 17:17

The My Time At Sandrock Grinder is a crafting station available to unlock as you progress through the game. With the Grinder in your playthrough of My Time At Sandrock, you will unlock the ability to craft Pipes, Wires, Gears and Rivets, allowing for more complex crating recipes. For more information on the Grinder in My Time At Sandrock, how to get the recipe and what it unlocks, read on.

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How To Unlock The Grinder In My Time At Sandrock

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You can unlock the grinder by researching it at the Research Lab. Travel to the Research Centre on the southeast portion of the Sandrock map and speak to Qi the lab technician. From his interaction options click on research and you’ll be able to trade Data Disks for the ability to unlock new machinery crafting recipes. The Grinder takes three Data Disks and one in-game day to unlock from the Research Centre.

To get Data Disks you’ll have to either salvage them through scrap piles at the Eufaula Salvage Yard, buy them directly from Rocky’s shop at the Eufaula Salvage, or you can also acquire them through adventuring in the Ruins.

You can also speed up research time of these crafting specs by spending more Data Disks to do so. Although, as the research time is measured on in-game units rather than real-time, this isn’t practical to do so and you’re better off saving up your Data Disks for more crafting specs.

How To Make A Grinder In My Time At Sandrock

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Once you’ve unlocked your Grinder, you can craft it on the Assembly Station with the following materials:

  • Two Bearings
  • Four Bronze Bars
  • Six Bricks


My Time At Sandrock Grinder Uses

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Once constructed, your new grinder will be able to process Copper and Bronze Bars into the following items:

  • Copper Pipe
  • Copper Screws
  • Bronze Pipes
  • Pistol Bullets
  • Rubber Ring

There are additional items that can also be crafted if crafting books are obtained from the Commerce Guild. The Grinder can also be upgraded to a Civil Grinder, which unlocks the ability to craft even more materials, have two production queues running at once and also gives the ability to produce larger queues at once.

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